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Leaplines is a corporate E-learning company with a new perspective on training. Their learning management system enables corporations to improve their business performance by expanding the knowledge of their employees. It empowers managers to prepare activities for specific target groups and monitor their learning progress.

Leaplines’ objective was to increase the level of security, infrastructure stability, and scale up the existing products.


Leaplines needed to support more users on their learning management system, however:

  • The LMS cloud infrastructure was not cost-effective

    The LMS system was hosted on four different cloud services that used different time zones.

  • Previous vendor couldn’t deliver

    This led to the strategic need for a new custom LMS development partner. Eastern Peak’s team showed a high level of communication skills that streamlined the knowledge transfer process.

  • New LMS features development was delayed

    The development of new features wasn’t as fast as the client had expected due to the limitations in the local talent pool.


Leaplines was looking for a reliable partner

“We were looking for additional value, a company that could bring us extra benefits by sharing the experience they had had in the past. We needed to find developers who were ready to go directly into the existing code, and who had the willingness to learn from the in-house team. We found such specialists here at Eastern Peak.”

Lior Lavon, CTO at Leaplines BV


In just a little over a year, Eastern Peak had effectively accomplished several crucial tasks:

  • Project transition management plan which made the transferring of knowledge smooth, and as such, made it possible for the new team to get down to business fast.

  • Architecture aggregation into one Amazon service which lowered the cost of hosting, and provided the ability to easily scale up from one location.

  • LMS code refactoring that strengthened the architecture of the learning management system, improved code readability, and reduced complexity.

  • Security enhancement by dockerizing the solution, utilizing advanced cloud infrastructure setup, and implementing some of the best security practices.


Leaplines provides a state-of-the-art corporate LMS with the following features:


Interactive learning journeys with short activities teach employees about need-to-know topics through either customized or standard content.


Identification of employees performed through synchronization with HR sources empowers managers to allocate specific tasks to the target group.

Audio and video

With the help of a live streaming feature, employees obtain immediate access to high quality corporate learning materials in real-time.

Insights into

The LMS platform gives comprehensive insights into indi­vid­ual KPIs: managers can track their employees’ progress and monitor their success rates.

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