Since 2008 the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy brings together thousands of local governments voluntarily committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives. Cities and towns are taking action to combat climate change and create clean energy actions to secure a better future for their citizens.

The organization wanted to upgrade its legacy system as well as improve its operational efficiency while maintaining strict security. As a strategy consulting and development company, Eastern Peak assigned its top enterprise architects and artificial intelligence development experts to assess the current data infrastructure, develop an updated vision of the platform using modern technological advances, and finally bring it to life.


The Covenant of Mayors gathers local governments around 3 main objectives:

  • 1. Reducing CO2 emissions;

  • 2. Increasing their resilience to climate change; and

  • 3. Ensuring access to sustainable, secure, and affordable energy for everyone.


As the number of member states was growing,
the organization encountered the following challenges:

  • Data Complexity

    The legacy MyCovenant platform stored fragmented data, with much of it conflicting, incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise untrustworthy.

  • Outdated data entry

    The excel-like data entry of the system was outdated and didn’t meet the modern industry standards as well as the latest high-tech and agile practices.

  • Lack of visibility

    The system provided poor visibility of the cities’ progress, thus hindering the European Commission’s ability to track the activity of each city easily and to react immediately.


We structured the project into 3 key phases


Focused Business


Business Processes


Legacy Data

Structure and Architecture


IT Infrastructure Review

Business Objectives



Solution Design and


Definition of Strategically

Important Initiatives

Solution’s Internal


Definition of User Stories and

User Flows




A Digitally Ready Enterprise

Ongoing support to facilitate a continuous business growth and innovative, data-driven vision of the enterprise.

In a year our AI development team helped the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy create a more efficient and productive, Smart City technology.

  • The legacy excel-like system was transformed into an agile-driven digital system that includes a sophisticated database and an analytical tool.

  • Using statistical analysis, the platform was able to analyze the data and predict whether the country will meet its ecological obligations on schedule.

  • The increase in employee efficiency through automation improved the organisation’s overall agility and enhanced its ability to support a high level of regional collaboration.

Technology to mitigate climate change

By establishing a scalable and secure system, the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy improved its overall organizational agility. Being used by all the levels (operational bodies of the cities, city mayors, decision-makers of the EU) the AI platform provides tactical and strategic information. This helps optimize the cities progress and, as a result, increase resilience to climate change.


The smart management tool offers an intelligent view of the cities’ activities progress, provides the European Commission the possibility to see the weak side of each city, and gives more attention locally to each city.


Each city mayor adds information concerning the current ecological situation of its region (use of electricity, fossil fuels). Dealing with the huge amount of data, the system is still easily scalable and invulnerable.


While making long term plans, the mayors set the goals by industries for 10- 20 years. The overall plan is then divided into separate steps – what exactly the city authorities should do in order to meet the EU climate regulations.


The system generates a status report that defines the correspondence of the goals to the actual progress. Through AI and ML computing, this estimation might predict whether they meet the goals in each area and calculate the realization speed.


The initiative now gathers 9,000+ local and regional authorities across 60 countries drawing on the strengths of a worldwide multi-stakeholder movement and the technical support offered by our company.


Platform-generated monitoring reports


Minutes to create an action plan


Seconds to create the progress assessment

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