Hassle-free cooperation, timely results

Managing a team to work productively and achieving the results you want as they are with you in the same office becomes simple when working with Eastern Peak.

In all our projects we work in a very close collaboration with our clients, who are from different countries and in different time zones, and speak different languages. Our project managers speak English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian and our engineers adapt to your local hours to make our collaboration more convenient and efficient.


Here’s our approach to the most burning questions that arise among our clients before they engage into their product development.

  • Will I be able to communicate with a remote team?

    Regular communication

    Building lasting and reliable business relations with you is our priority. Due to our solid background in software development outsourcing, we know how to establish strong communication and ensure full transparency throughout the process, just as if you were working with an in-house team.

    We schedule our daily and weekly calls individually, taking into account your preferences.

    Strong language skills

    Our project managers and developers have an excellent command of spoken and written English, as well as many other languages such as Hebrew, French, Spanish and Arabic.

  • How will I deal with distance and time differences?

    Independent from time zone

    Our experience includes working with clients from all over the globe – USA, UK, Australia and various other countries.
    Regardless of your location, we strive to find a perfect time for communication and adhere to any time that works best for you.

    The time difference between Ukraine (our R&D center) and most European countries is minimal. Furthermore, we adjust our business hours to ensure enough hours of time overlap with USA and Australia. That is why it is easy for us to adapt to any time zone to make our collaboration convenient and efficient.

    Independent from geographical location

    Thanks to video conferencing tools we can hold meetings and discuss your project as efficiently as if we were in the same room with you.
    We always stay in contact using only the tools which you are comfortable with and will gladly answer any of your questions or discuss your requests immediately.

    Furthermore, we are always happy to welcome you to any of our offices or meet for a cup of coffee!


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