Design that captures the essence of your company

The level of competition in the world of software sets the bar high. You have only one chance to make a strong impression on your potential clients before they start knocking on your competitor’s door. So your product has to be perfect.

Having vast experience creating custom design solutions for mobile and web projects across a number of domains, we at Eastern Peak know how to set you apart from the other apps on the market and drive user attention. From gathering your requirements and creating interactive visual prototype, to developing custom branding and crafting UX design, we build exceptional digital experiences that bring solid results.

Custom design services

Website design

Make sure that your website looks and works better than your competition.

Our web designers will help you build a custom website where every aspect is dedicated to your organization’s goals.

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App design

Achieve maximum efficiency through cutting-edge mobile technologies.

We will help you create unforgettable experiences for your mobile users, using our outstanding expertise in the mobile industry.

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Logo design and branding

Create a superior web presence that won’t be forgotten.

Our professional experts will develop your company’s branding identity and integrate a custom design around it.

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Print design

Highlight your brand presence with effective print design.

Our designers deliver the highest quality collateral that clearly communicates your professional image to potential customers and creates the lasting impression.

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Why us?


Our custom web design is an elegant combination of art and marketing, created to bring your business and your customers closer together.


We work hard on the UI and the whole appearance of your product to maximize the conversion and turn your users into customers.

Top talent

Unlimited access to a pool of experienced UI/UX designers that know how to showcase your brand and exceed user expectations.

Work Samples

Helping businesses and startups bring their product ideas to life and win the market.

Custom Internet of Things solutions

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Location-based solutions for Uber-like apps

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Custom mobile applications

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On‑demand marketplaces and E‑commerce websites

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SaaS solutions

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Enterprise software solutions

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Edtech solutions

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Fintech solutions

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More solutions for businesses from different domains

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