Be ready.

Adapt in the face of disruptive new technologies, dynamic global markets, and rapidly evolving regulatory environments. We help organizations prevent disruption by equipping them with the speed and agility they need to act ahead of the competition. Companies that reinvent their core legacy systems in a timely manner are able to compete digitally in new markets and significantly outperform their competition.

Gain agility
without giving up control.

Launch new digital products and customer experiences within as little as ten weeks, and scale them across the entire organization in up to ten months.

Evolve without compromising productivity with microservices architecture. Today’s technology allows us to build platforms that consist of smaller components that can be fixed or replaced without impacting the rest of the system.

Ensure reliable, always-on service across your organization with cloud adoption and core legacy system modernization, and encourage a learn-and-adapt culture.


Prepare for the decade of disruption

To get the agility and responsiveness you need in order to become a digital enterprise, end-to-end modernization of core systems is a vital step. Yet, it is important to have a transition period where new and legacy systems work together for some time. We help you put a gradual modernization approach to work, and embrace new technologies without compromising productivity.


Your journey to an agile organization

Modernize your legacy systems and unlock the value of agility – the heart and soul of a learn-and-adapt culture.

  • Step 1.

    Goals Review

    We help you identify disruptors and desired outcomes, prioritize them and build the right strategy to accelerate your goals by exploiting advances in technology around Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning and others.

  • Step 2.

    Legacy System Assessment

    We review your legacy applications in context of their relation to your business processes and analyze the dependencies behind each core system component. Our solution architects develop a legacy system transition plan, and determine the best approach to ensure uninterrupted service during the transition plan.

  • Step 3.

    Solution Design

    Old system modernization needs to be based on a clear understanding of where the business value is. We identify opportunities and quick wins, define executable roadmaps and suggest a solution taking into account the existing infrastructure and data policies. The core three areas that we are focusing our efforts on are improving operational agility, increasing time to market for new products, and eliminating security blind spots.

Success Stories

Whether you are looking to modernize your legacy systems or to entirely transform your business by exploiting advances in technology, we are your one-stop shop in agile digital transformation.

Green coffee sourcing
company leverages cloud.

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Parcel delivery company
transforms customer experience.

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Big data boosts foodservice market intelligence.

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Team extension for
event success platform.

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European Commission brings green initiatives through AI.

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Dedicated team for a learning management system.

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