Diagnostics — How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Stepping into the decade of disruption.

Diagnostics — How ready are you for the “new normal”?

Over the last year the “new normal” has brought a dramatic change in consumer behavior, introducing opportunities for non-linear growth. It is important not to let this crisis go to waste, as many great companies have emerged from recessions stronger than ever. Select from the options below to start the diagnostics that could help you rethink the way digital activities are organized.

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1. Are you deploying cloud or on-premises infrastructure?
2. Does your company currently deliver personalized customer experience?
3. How easy is it for you now to launch a new product or implement a new feature in order to meet changing consumer behavior?
4. Is your company able to operate online only?
5. How much investment is tied to supporting legacy systems, such as chargebacks, development expenses, and maintenance costs?
6. Given the current circumstances, which technologies are you thinking of investing in 2020/21?
7. How easy is it for you and other members of your organization to discover and exploit data insights with your current data infrastructure?
8. Do your operational processes involve a lot of repetitive manual tasks?
9. To what extent the following statement correlates with your current state ‘The data analysts are loosely linked to IT and at the moment there is little visibility on what they do and how; they could be in breach of GDPR, for example, and nobody noticing.’
10. Please select which of the following obstacles or challenges impact your organization's digital strategy.

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