How ready are you for a "new normal"?

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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Website development

Trusted by hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies, we at Eastern Peak provide end-to-end website development and CMS customization services. We strongly believe that every business is unique, that is why we tailor our services specifically to meet your business needs and requirements. Our experienced website developers, designers and product experts create beautiful experiences that are easy to manage and maintain.

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How it works

With transparent delivery processes, excellent communication and a flexible approach, we deliver custom software projects to all types of businesses, from startups to enterprises.

World’s top CMS comparison chart

WordPress Drupal Joomla Magento
Licensing costs free free free Community version
is free
Ease of use
SEO & Marketing capabilities
Best used for corporate, informational
websites, blogs
corporate, informational,
complex websites

What is a content management system?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application used to easily manage the content of a website. It allows you to create, organize, edit and review a website content from a central interface. Below you will find a chart with the most popular CMSs. We will compare the pros and cons to help you better understand which CMS to choose for your website.

Advantages of CMS-based sites

  • Easy as A, B, C

    Even your non-technical team members can maintain your website, add content and edit it without asking for help

  • Backup to the rescue!

    If somebody has made a mistake – the CMS has an archive that allows backing up previous versions

  • Permission hierarchy

    You can define the permission level even for people who are able to break the stainless steel ball, so they can work without doing any damage to the website

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