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Driving the automotive industry with distinctive automotive solutions

Here at Eastern Peak we bring innovation to the road. With our expert team of software developers, we specialize in creating cutting-edge solutions for the automotive industry. Whether you’re an automotive manufacturer, dealership, fleet management company, or auto parts supplier, our tailored automotive applications will help you stay ahead of the competition.

We understand the challenges and demands of the automotive sector. That is why we are committed to delivering high-quality end-to-end automotive software that enhances performance, streamlines processes, and improves customer satisfaction. Our solutions are designed to optimize every aspect of your operations, from vehicle connectivity and fleet management to inventory control and customer relationship management.


Whether it’s a vehicle tracking app, car rental platform, or on-demand service solution, we’ve got you covered.

mobile apps

Revolutionize your automotive business with our custom car mobile applications. Get intuitive and feature-rich automotive apps that enhance your customer engagement and simplify operations. Benefit from increased brand loyalty, seamless communication, and real-time updates.


Unlock the full potential of connected vehicles with innovative IoT solutions. From integrated infotainment systems to vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance, our connected car solutions drive a new era of convenience, safety, and personalized driving experiences.


Efficiently manage your automotive fleet with powerful fleet management software. Gain complete visibility into your vehicles, optimize routes, monitor fuel consumption, and enhance driver safety with real-time tracking, performance analytics, and automated reporting.

vehicles apps

Tailor-made, scalable, reliable, and seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure automotive software solutions for specialized vehicles to empower agriculture, construction, mining, and other industries.

Our expertise in automotive software development

We accelerate your journey towards automotive excellence.


Our Eastern Peak team of automotive software engineers uses the best practices to build robust and secure software-defined vehicles, tailored to our clients’ most deliberate business needs.


We help automotive companies integrate their car software with corporate or third-party products and services, allowing for seamless data exchange and comprehensive vehicle visibility.

Support & maintenance

We provide extensive support and maintenance for our automotive solutions, including regular updates, bug fixes, and technical assistance to ensure that your software runs smoothly and remains up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

Legacy software reengineering

Stay ahead of the competition and enhance your operations by revamping legacy automotive systems with selective improvements, data migration, or completely rebuilding the software.

Some of our automotive projects

Cobra Connect
A remote control and monitoring of your car

Cobra Connect is a comprehensive IoT solution that allows you to take full control of your vehicle, monitor its condition, and operate it remotely.

Cobra comes in three main pieces: a box with an alarm system and internet connectivity to install in a car, a mobile application, and a control console.

Users can use the application to open and close car doors, engage the alarm, get reports for each trip, view real-time car location and speed, control the car remotely if necessary, and get immediate notifications in cases of alarms, accidents, or other emergencies.

Kaftor Business
A fleet management solution that enables companies to make the most out of their automotive assets

Kaftor Business is an example of fleet technology we at Eastern Peak have developed for small enterprises that need comprehensive vehicle management.

The app monitors all vehicle-related activity, including routes and stops, and compiles relevant everyday reports. A thought-out security system records any abnormal activity and provides instant notifications about attempted thefts or road accidents.

FAQs on automotive software development

1. What kind of automotive software solutions do you provide?

We develop a wide range of automotive software solutions, including automotive mobile apps, connected car technology, fleet management software, and software solutions for specialized vehicles.

2. What is connected car technology, and how does it work?

Connected car technology enables vehicles to connect to the internet, exchange data, and offer personalized features and services. It works through a combination of sensors, onboard computers, and communication protocols.

3. How secure are automotive software applications that you develop?

We prioritize the security of our software applications and implement industry-standard protocols and encryption methods to safeguard data and ensure user privacy.

4. Will I be able to scale the solution to accommodate future growth?

Yes, we develop highly scalable solutions, allowing for seamless expansion as your business grows. Whether you have a small fleet or a large operation, it can accommodate your needs and adapt to future requirements.

5. What kind of support and maintenance do you provide?

We provide comprehensive support and maintenance for our software solutions, including regular updates, bug fixes, and technical assistance. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your software runs smoothly and remains up-to-date with the latest automotive industry standards.

Why us?


A portfolio of successfully delivered software projects in such fields as Automotive, Business and Finance, Healthcare and others.

tech talent

A tight-knit team of experienced software developers that can develop a mobile app of any size and complexity.


Our app development company creates competitive applications that reach your customers on their favorite devices and bring you profit.

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