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Bold goals call for a strong partner

Top digital transformation experts with extensive experience of planning and implementing innovation programs for tier-1 companies to guide you safely through your digital challenges.

Senior solution architects and industry experts to bring the transformation initiatives to life in accordance with the industry standards as well as with the latest high-tech and agile practices.

Dedicated R&D and DevOps talent pool to empower your business with AI, Big Data, IoT & Cloud and to ensure continuous support on your way to becoming a digital enterprise.


Adapt in the face of disruptive new technologies, dynamic global markets, and rapidly evolving regulatory environments.

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Excel in a data-driven world by embedding right analytics capabilities across your infrastructure and facilitating smarter decision-making.

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Be in control of a constant change: get an insight into your current state landscape and a target blueprint, and navigate a roadmap to achieve that target state.

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How it works

Whether you are looking to modernize your legacy systems or to entirely transform your business by exploiting advances in technology, we are your one-stop shop in agile digital transformation.

  • Step 1.

    Focused Business

    Our consultants and industry experts investigate your business processes, existing infrastructure and business objectives. Then, based on your stakeholders’ input and on our knowledge of industry best practices, we come up with a list of issues that limit you from achieving your long-term business goals, exploring future technologies and keeping ahead of quick changes in customer demands.

  • Step 2.

    Solution Design

    Together with you, we design a target blueprint of how your enterprise should look like and identify and detail the strategic initiatives that could help you get there. At this stage you have a full assessment of your risks and opportunities captured and analyzed using Eastern Peak methodical tools.

  • Step 3.

    Agile Plan for Digital

    We conduct a gap analysis based on your current and target blueprints and identify the initiatives that are strategically important, pay back quickly, and reduce complexity. As a result of this phase, you receive a legacy system modernization and new technologies adoption plan to execute a digital transformation strategy in a gradual way.

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