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Build and scale your digital capabilities – fast. We help our clients create stunning digital experiences and capitalize on new technology, while maintaining the highest level of continuity, flexibility, peace of mind and control.

From the technical architecture design to software development and product implementation, our clients rely on our product management expertise and strong technological capabilities in the short, medium and long term.



The level of competition in the world of software sets the bar high. From gathering your requirements and creating interactive visual prototype, to developing custom branding and crafting a stunning UX design, we build exceptional digital experiences that bring desired results.

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Having an appropriate online presence for your product is no less important than its quality and ability to run and function without any problems. We will optimize your online web and social activities, launch PPC campaigns, and apply powerful link building strategies to attract new users.

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Your business success depends on your end-to-end resiliency. Keep in mind, however, that it only takes one vulnerability to trigger a massive service failure. Every business needs somebody on call for when things take a wrong turn. That is why we are introducing our DevOps services, available for both existing and new customers.

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By leveraging a dedicated pool of professional QA engineers, we manage all aspects of testing to meet your objectives, improve quality, and increase release velocity. We provide both functional and non-functional, manual and automated testing services.

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Looking for a dedicated team?

Get immediate access to the best engineering talent that Eastern Europe has to offer by setting up a dedicated development team with Eastern Peak.

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How it works

Our professional web development team will support you with everything from creating the initial specification through to architecture planning, development, testing and project launch.

  • Step 1.

    Functional specification

    This is a starting point in the development of your future product. It helps define a clear vision of the product, gather the requirements, define the first set of features to implement, create use cases, user flows, etc., keeping in mind customers needs and your goals.

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  • Step 2.

    UX/UI, graphic design

    At this stage we will provide you with the best interface that delivers the experience your users want when interacting with your product. You will be able to not only see your product’s look and feel, but test every feature before implementing it.

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  • Step 3.

    Software development

    We will develop your web or mobile product using modern coding standards, programming languages, proven technologies and approaches according to the aim of the project, its size and budget to ensure that your product works quickly, reliably and to scale.

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  • Step 4.

    QA and bug fixing

    We apply both manual and automated testing to all digital products we build to verify that the code is bug-free, everything works as planned and the overall performance of the product is of the highest level before it goes live.

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  • Step 5.

    Technical and marketing support

    After your product is launched we are still here for you to provide you and your users with technical and marketing support as long as you need it. This may include product’s performance monitoring, ongoing upgrades and tuning, SEO and App Store optimization advice, etc.

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Helping businesses and startups bring their product ideas to life and win the market.

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On‑demand marketplaces and E‑commerce websites

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SaaS solutions

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Edtech solutions

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