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Becoming one of the hottest spaces in Silicon Valley and beyond, EdTech facilitates learning and improves performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

Having hands-on experience in eLearning solutions development, we at Eastern Peak can help learners achieve their goals easily, learn with joy and at their own pace and transform the entire learning experience.


A cloud solution that provides both a learning management system (LMS), which enables companies to provide learning material to their employees and follow up on their progress, and also a solution for classroom administrators, an online platform to register for classes that takes care of all the paperwork and organizes everything in one place.

  • Courses, lessons, topics and timeline creation and management
  • Corporate messenger integration
  • Progress tracking
  • Multi language
  • Integration with third party HR systems

Model: Dedicated team

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React JS

Client review

“Before we worked with Eastern Peak, we had very slow development processes. In 3-4 months we managed to do something that’s comparable to 3 years of development the other team did. The scalability of Eastern Peak’s team stands out, as does experience with a variety of technologies.”

Lior Lavon

CTO at Leaplines


A digital platform for managing tutoring programs in higher education institutions.

The application lets students from the institutions they belong to search for lessons and tutors using several advanced filters and book them taking into account preferred locations and time ranges. Students can track their progress, plan next lessons, see teachers’ availability and control budget.

  • Profiles creation and management for tutors and students
  • Advanced filters to search for lessons
  • Booking a lesson with a tutor
  • Admin dashboard
  • Real-time status of students’ budget

Model: T&M

Technologies: .Net, React JS, React Native


Developed by our team from the ground up, Maximum is currently #1 in test prep on the Russian market.

Maximum offers two types of classes – online and blended.

Online classes are designed for students who cannot attend classes in Maximum educational centers. They offer comprehensive educational programs and tools to enhance and personalize students’ experience of learning online.

Regarding blended classes, students attend classes in educational centers, yet the homework, diagnostics and communication with a teacher is still done via the online platform to enhance the learning process.

Web platform for test prep

Features for a student:
  • Theory database
  • Online adaptive tests
  • Live webinars and recorded lectures
  • A student journal with a class schedule and homework
  • Statistics about attendance and homework completion
  • Diagnostic tests
  • An interface for communication with the teacher
Features for a parent:
  • Student’s class schedule
  • Statistics of classes attendance
  • Statistics of homework completion and achievements
An online platform that contains exam preparation tests and a set of learning management tools.

This is a comprehensive platform that allows students to study and prepare for standardized tests online. It also allows parents to monitor their children’s studying progress, and for teachers – to communicate with students, easily manage groups, check their homework, etc. Maximum also includes offline classes, where the homework and communication with the teacher is still done via the online platform.

Maximum mobile app

The Maximum mobile app is not only helpful for learners, but is also a great company promotion tool. It raises awareness of the company’s services, boosts the engagement of current users and helps generate new ones.

Client review

“They will deploy a correct solution to reach your goals. It feels like you can beat the deadlines with them, and that is very valuable. What’s good is the flexibility they provide with different types of knowledge, different types of developers, the ability to scale up quickly, and the ability to scale down when needed.”

Michael Magkov

CEO at Maximum Education

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Omega Teaching offers intensive mathematics, science, and humanities tutoring, including test preparation techniques geared for middle school and high school students.

  • An integrated blog.
  • A calendar and scheduling feature that allows potential students to schedule tutoring sessions with teachers based on their available published schedules.
  • A shopping cart which allows students or their parents to pay for classes/sessions online, through PayPal or via credit card.

Technologies: WordPress, YII


Krypto is a mathematics strategy game suitable for everyone.
You can exercise your mental math skills in this challenging and addictive arithmetic game.

  • Move cards from one location to another by dragging them with your finger.
  • Display calculations & result: you can see if the way you’ve set up your cards matches your “mental math.”
  • Sound effect: play with sound or without
  • Stop and solve feature to see a solution

Industry: Games

Model: T&M

Technologies: Bluetooth, Custom Animations, iOS, Multiplayer

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