The Internet of Things

development portfolio

Cobra code

A remote control and monitoring of your car

A mobile application to control the operations of a car such as opening and closing doors of the car, detecting the car location and others.

The car has a special box containing an alarm system, with internet connectivity. The car can be controlled directly from the mobile phone, with real time information being sent to and from the cloud.


  • Car engine status

  • Open and close doors of the car

  • Trip reports

  • Detecting car location


A next-generation digital pet finder

A digital pet tag and tracker for dogs and cats with social GPS and BLE connectivity, which works with a connected mobile app and a worldwide tracking community to keep pets safe.

The Pawscout Pet Finder attaches to any pet collar and provides radar-style honing that uses any mobile phone to locate a pet within a 200-foot radius, including a virtual leash that sends notifications if a pet strays.


  • Smart pet tracking

  • Virtual leash

  • Detailed digital profile

  • Online community

  • Social GPS: finding the lost pets easily

Media Vodka

A new way to express your best wishes

A digital band that shows messages specified via a mobile app to friends and the loved ones of the bracelet owner.

The communication between the bracelet and the mobile apps is based on BLE.


  • Mobile app to program messages

  • Configuration settings

  • Digital band connected with smartphone via BLE


A new way to monitor a female fertility cycle

A personal device that monitors a female fertility cycle. Both hardware (device) and mobile apps were developed by our team.

The OvuCon device targets women that would like to know when is the exact date where their body is ready to be pregnant. Using microprocessors (DSP), the fertility device filtering and processing the measurements obtained from the sensors.


  • The fertility device connected to an Android device using BLE protocol

  • Mobile app allows to see the results

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