DevOps as a Service

Outthink disruption.

Your business success depends on end-to-end resiliency, but it only takes one vulnerability to trigger a massive service failure. When it happens, your customers will be the first to notice. You can do everything right, but ultimately your business will be judged on the disruption and how you respond.

Every business needs somebody on call for when things go wrong. That is why we are introducing our DevOps Management services, available for both existing and new customers.

DevOps Consulting

Performance Audit

An evaluation of your product’s performance and scalability bottlenecks together with detailed recommendations to improve your overall application performance.

Security Audit

An evaluation of your code for vulnerabilities, non-secure programming practices, and protection against a wide spectrum of attack techniques.

Infrastructure Optimization Plan

Analyzing your needs and services, and creating a list of recommendations for building a reliable infrastructure with minimal cost.

Architecture Plan & Code Review

An evaluation of your application architecture and end user experience.

DevOps Implementation

Disaster Recovery

Recovery action procedures to facilitate the rapid restoration of a data processing system following a disaster.

Infrastructure Implementation

Creating and managing a dynamic, scalable and reliable infrastructure to ensure an uninterrupted service.

Legacy System Migration to Cloud

A gradual modernization of your legacy system and building a scalable, cloud-based infrastructure.

CI/CD and Automation

Optimizing CI/CD processes to speed up the delivery and avoid service interruptions.

DevOps On-Watch

On-demand Monitoring

Active monitoring of the health of your system, including database performance and key database queries to ensure your system continues to run at an optimum performance.

Customer Support

Building a dedicated customer support center based on your unique needs and requirements. A 24/7 customer support option is available.

24/7 Monitoring

Continuous support and monitoring of your system performance. We assign teams to work in shifts to achieve 24/7 support.


Looking for a dedicated DevOps?

Get immediate access to the best engineering talent that Eastern Europe has to offer by setting up a dedicated development team with Eastern Peak.

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