SaaS solutions

Cloud-based applications that change the way organizations work

Today a growing number of companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing SaaS solutions as an alternative to on-premise infrastructure installation, maintenance and modernization. And for a good reason, since it allows access software from any device and location with only a few clicks, and eliminates the expenses on IT infrastructure without compromising on user experience and functionality.

Having experts who are proficient in building SaaS applications, we at Eastern Peak can help your company become more adaptable, responsive, and mobile, and boost your business efficiency with custom SaaS software development.


The world’s fastest growing event technology company that empowers event marketers to manage, measure, and grow professional events across the globe.

Their platform brings people together by providing all the tools necessary for organizers to create rewarding events.

  • Outdated and inflexible frameworks that hampered the development process
  • A monolithic and unreliable architecture system
  • Bad user experience of the mobile application

As a constantly evolving company, Bizzabo was determined to expand the functionality of their platform for end-users. They aimed to move towards the next level of commercial success by improving existing abilities and implementing new ideas.

Client review

“The partnership that we have with Eastern Peak has been really successful. Years ago we started with only two people, and now we are fifteen passionate, dedicated, hard-working individuals who share the same goals and vision of success.”

Royi Schwartz


foodservice company

A leading global big data and market intelligence provider for the entire foodservice & restaurant industry serving millions of operators worldwide.

Assisting its customers, both in Europe and North America, the company’s possibilities of handling huge data volumes were limited by company’s insufficient knowledge about Big Data technologies and data security best practices.

  • Not unified legacy data systems
  • Lack of the ability to support instant access to the data remotely
  • Limited employees productivity

We built a new technological Big Data environment to help the client analyze, classify and unify all the data, create a cloud infrastructure and migrate all the Big Datasets there.


A cloud solution that provides both a learning management system (LMS), which enables companies to provide learning material to their employees and follow up on their progress, and also a solution for classroom administrators, an online platform to register for classes that takes care of all the paperwork and organizes everything in one place.

  • Courses, lessons, topics and timeline creation and management
  • Corporate messenger integration
  • Progress tracking
  • Multi language
  • Integration with third party HR systems

Model: Dedicated team

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React JS

Client review

“Before we worked with Eastern Peak, we had very slow development processes. In 3-4 months we managed to do something that’s comparable to 3 years of development the other team did. The scalability of Eastern Peak’s team stands out, as does experience with a variety of technologies.”

Lior Lavon

CTO at Leaplines


A solution for restaurant and bakeries that covers every Front of House digital interaction between restaurants and their customers

A platform for restaurants that allows them to improve their production by anticipating orders, manage reservations and waiting lists in case of cancellations, speed up the service in high traffic occasions, attract new customers and build a customer database, increase their sales and average check, and many more.

  • Online table booking from any device
  • Ordering (delivery, pick-up, in-dinner)
  • Waste management
  • On-site waiter interaction
  • Online payment
  • Loyalty programs
  • CRM

Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Angular JS, Amazon, My SQL


The all-in-one appointment scheduling SaaS platform with payment & calendar scheduling app integrations.

Endless design options with the ability to customize booking pages to fit your brand and embed them directly into your website. A booking process is clean, professional and clients aren’t redirected from your site to make an appointment.

  • Setting up targeted and customizable booking pages in minutes
  • Booking calendar which syncs to your Google, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange and Outlook calendar
  • Online and offline payments
  • Automated reminders and follow ups
  • Dashboard for convenient management
  • Integration with apps you already use
  • Cell phone sync
  • In-app message system

Model: Dedicated team

Technologies: PHP (Laravel), Vue.JS, MongoDB


A delivery & pickup platform for restaurants with direct web & social media ordering, that empowers successful local restaurants to manage and grow commission-free online sales through their website, Facebook, Instagram and Google listings.

  • Online food ordering
  • Food delivery
  • Business dashboard: orders management, delivery management and delivery booking, restaurant & order survey, discounts, promo codes and loyalty, virtual answering
  • Tablet (for orders) + bluetooth printer (for receipts)
  • Third party integrations

Model: Dedicated team

Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Kotlin, Heroku, Twilio, Azure


An engineering software for the design of industrial control systems

A design platform for industrial control systems which run industrial facilities such as power plants, water systems and food factories. It uses advanced technology to easily and safely define the functionality of industrial control systems, design and program them in plain English without coding.

WonderLogix aims to solve the problems of downtime, poor performance and other causes of revenue loss and help you get to market 3x faster with disruptive Industry4.0 automation SaaS.

  • Natural language
  • Object-oriented design
  • Dual code generator
  • Logic verification
  • Monitoring
  • Dynamic lists to get the data you need always updated
  • Embedded emulator

Model: Dedicated team

Technologies: Angular 2, Node.js, Electron

Client review

“The Eastern Peak’s team successfully developed the platform that other developers were unable to, working hard on the intensive and complex project. I felt that they cared about my needs, and their commitment and effort kept us working with them.”


A software that simplifies the way you conduct your clinical research

A web-based solution designed to accommodate regulatory compliance and enhance clinical research operations for all types of research organizations. The clinical data management software keeps track of finances, recruitment, participants and delivers comprehensive reporting and monitoring.

  • Financial management (track all budgets and payments, maintain invoices, etc.)
  • Study set up
  • Recruitment management
  • Patient management (view all patient information, schedule patient visits and manage upcoming appointments, etc.)
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting (turning data into actionable tasks)
  • Document management

Model: Dedicated team

Technologies: C#, .Net core, JavaScript, EF6, Visual 2019, SQL, Microsoft NUnit

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