The future is coming faster than you think.

Learn how new and emerging technologies can get you ahead of the competition in 2020

The future is coming faster than you think.

The future is coming faster than you think.

The future is coming faster than you think.

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Highly secured mobile and web solutions providing a seamless, continuous customer experience.

Western Union

A platform to observe the results of competitors on a daily basis.

A comprehensive web crawling engine and data mining system for various financial information to be collected, normalized and analyzed.

An adaptive and customizable reporting dashboard with extensive data visualization tools.



Industry: Finances

My Covenant

My Covenant is a web application aimed at controlling the amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse pollutants which are emitted to the atmosphere by the European countries.

Every city, that wants to participate, defines the current amount of emissions, creates a reduction plan for the next 10 or 20 years and then gives a status report every 2-3 years. The system tracks the actual progress vs. the plan, and creates statistical data about the level of goal achievement.

Industry: Government (European Commission)

Model: T&M


PHP Yii PostgreSQL TeamCity GIThub


The leading provider of parcel services in Europe with a unique, high-capacity transport network with more than 500 DPD depots in more than 30 countries.


  • A customer admin panel

  • Ability to create shipments

  • Create and print labels

  • Import shipment from file


ExtJS Node.js Angular2 MongoDB

Industry: Transportation

Model: dedicated team

Rob Newey


We designed the new features and they built the enhancements in a full-stack development process. The application’s features included a customer admin panel, and the ability to create shipments and print labels. Their team used: Angular 2, Node.js, MangoDB, and ExtJS. The build finished May 2017 with a rollout of 4 different releases.

Their project manager has ‘lived and breathed’ this engagement. Eastern Peak are very responsive and knowledgeable. We were happy with the team’s commitment to deliver quality results.

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Gett is changing the way people move around and Gett things. #1 in Europe, Gett is available in 100 cities worldwide, including New York, London, Moscow and Tel Aviv. In London alone, more than half of all black cabs are running on Gett.

Gett has raised $640 million in venture funding to date, and was selected by Forbes as one of the “top 15 explosively growing companies”. We are proud to say that Gett was built by our team from the ground up.


Ruby on Rails

Industry: Transportation

Model: dedicated team

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