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Advanced and highly secured fintech solutions that disrupt the global economy

The fusion of finance and technology has led to the emergence of an entire new industry – fintech, that simplifies and automates financial operations, and lets customers conduct transactions with any financial institute or bank easily.

Having built a number of successful fintech products for industry leaders like Western Union and dozens of startups worldwide, we can help your fintech business utilize new technologies to enhance and streamline operations, improve customer experiences and quickly react to evolving financial market needs.


A platform to observe the results of competitors on a daily basis

A comprehensive web crawling engine and data mining system for various financial information to be collected, normalized and analyzed.

An adaptive and customizable reporting dashboard with extensive data visualization tools that facilitates competitor analysis, report generation and configuration management.

Industry: Finances

Technologies: Python


A smart and secure application for personal short term saving and lending

A mobile application where users can save money, lend and borrow to/from fellow application users, find people to trade with, create groups and manage their motshelo accounts (deposit, withdraw and transfer).

With Motshelo Mobile users also can:
  • Get access to cash through VISA Card and all major retail shops
  • Generate summary reports on all transactions
  • Track individual savings, trades, group’s financial status

Industry: Finances

Technologies: PHP, React JS, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, AmazonS3


A mobile payments app for phones built on WebFunds that can be white labeled for various financial institutions.

WebFunds allows users to open an account with an institution, to manage funds in that account, make payments to other users, chat with other users, and manage contacts.

Industry: Business & Finance

Technologies: Android SDK, Ricardo, Java, WebFunds


A unique innovative service that centralizes all your financial accounts in one place and puts order in your bills.

How it works:
  • Users install the app from app stores
  • System helps users navigate and make decisions
  • Service providers offer products and services to app users and pay with cost-per-action model

Industry: Business & Finance

Technologies: Java, Min Android SDK 7, Android Support Package, XML, HTTP, Intellij, Integration with Facebook and Twitter, Localization

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