The future is coming faster than you think.

Learn how new and emerging technologies can get you ahead of the competition in 2020

The future is coming faster than you think.

The future is coming faster than you think.

The future is coming faster than you think.

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Highly secured mobile and web solutions and seamless, continuous customer experience.

Western Union

A platform to observe the results of competitors on a daily basis

A comprehensive web crawling engine and data mining system for various financial information to be collected, normalized and analysed.

An adaptive and customizable reporting dashboard with extensive data visualization tools.



Industry: Finance


Talisman is a mobile payments app for phones built on WebFunds that can be white labeled for various financial institutions.

WebFunds allows users to open an account with an institution, to manage funds in that account, make payments to other users, chat with other users, and manage contacts.


Android SDK Ricardo JAVA WebFunds

Industry: Business & Finance


The Kasefet is a unique innovative service that centralizes all your financial accounts in one place and puts order in your bills.

How it works

  • Users install the app from app stores

  • System helps users navigate and make decisions

  • Service providers offer products and services to app users and pay with cost-per-action model.

Industry: Business & Finance

Duration: 1 year


Min Android SDK 7 Integration with Facebook and Twitter Localization JAVA Android Support Package XML HTTP Intellij
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