Identity Book

Your special sauce that makes your business different

Show your
customers the
true you

Identity is more than a great logo. It’s how the world recognizes you and begins to trust you. Having a strong, consistent brand identity is essential for the continual success of your company.

We can help your brand stay consistent by creating an identity book that will demonstrate what a brand looks, feels and sounds like.


Lets us help get started winning the market by building a brand identity that reflects who you are, sets you apart and successfully meets the goals of your business.

Your uniqueness
makes you valuable

Why your business needs a strong brand identity:

  • It establishes the voice and personality of your company.
  • It reinforces your credibility with your customers.
  • It makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • It helps your business communicate in a consistent way across all teams and channels.



  • Exclusion zone
  • Horizontal and vertical logo placement
  • The black-and-white version
  • Invalid Options


  • Corporate fonts
  • Details of the font familyv
  • Default fonts for web use

Color palette

  • Your primary and secondary colour palettes with colour breakdowns for print, screen and web


  • Business cards
  • Envelope
  • Letterhead
  • Email Signature

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