On-demand, easy and convenient way to buy and sell products and services.
Marketplaces development
Dominated by such giants as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart, online marketplaces is an extremely competitive market. Yet, the industry remains popular among startups willing to disrupt the long-established leadership.
Marketplace for photographers

Digital Pictures

A marketplace for photographers.

The Smart Picture is an LCD screen, framed like an ordinary picture to be hung on the wall.

The screen is used in order to display pictures and videos. The pictures can either be private pictures shot by the owner of the Smart Picture, or by professional photographers available at online, custom-built marketplace.

With the Digital Pictures marketplace photographers can get paid for their photo-shoots and the Smart Picture owners can get high-resolution, unique photos with a click of a button.

Technologies for photographers marketplace


Angular PHP


Anonymous career opportunities.

For startup companies and anonymous professionals to be introduced locally.


  • Anonymous profile

  • Unique searching capabilities

  • Every applicant is hand screened

  • Interact easily


Angular PHP

Industry: Jobs marketplace

Model: Time & Material

jobs marketplace


The RPI Online marketplace where manufacturers connect to buy and sell machine production capacity by the hour.

Technologies Frontend:

Angular JS

Technologies Backend:

Ruby on Rails
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Klim Jewelry

Designing for one of life’s most meaningful moments. E-commerce website built on Magento.

  • Customized elements

  • Frontend development

  • Backend development

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