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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

IoT Solutions Development

The future is connected. Uncover the full potential of IoT
services with Eastern Peak.

IoT Solutions Development

With the rapid development of IoT services, your business receives hundreds of new opportunities to connect with your customers in real life, making possible the delivery of outstanding customer experiences even easier. Don’t miss the chance to win your market share by introducing custom IoT solutions.

Join the revolution with professional IoT consulting services at Eastern Peak. From wearable devices and personal trackers, to industrial IoT services, we build market-ready products for the Internet of Things companies and startups. Contact our sales team to learn how we can help.

Work samples

Check some of our IoT projects.

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How it works

With transparent delivery processes, excellent communication and a flexible approach, we deliver custom software projects to all types of businesses, from startups to enterprises.

Any device, any business.
You name it – we can do it!

  • IoT development services for connected cars.

    Get valuable insights about your vehicle in real time and monitor its status remotely with automotive IoT solutions.

  • IoT solutions for healthcare and sports.

    Augment your fitness product with the integration of custom IoT devices and sensors to tap into a pool of users’ health data.

  • Industrial IoT services.

    Streamline your business processes with our industrial automation solutions. From manufacturing to field services, deploy a network of smart devices to prevent disruption and lower operating costs.

  • IoT kernel development.

    Create custom IoT solutions that can be deployed on any operating system or embedded device.

  • IoT consulting services.

    Not sure how to make IoT a part of your business strategy? Consult with our experts to discover the best ways to benefit from IoT services.

What are the key elements of the
development process for IoT solutions?

IoT development is a complex and challenging process. Our vast expertise and domain-specific knowledge allow us to provide end-to-end services building IoT solutions for your business. From hardware and sensors to infrastructure, data management, and software development, our holistic approach covers all aspects of the development process.

People / Process
Transformational decision making based on “Thing” Apps & Data
Custom Apps built using “Thing” data
Data Analysis
Reporting, Mining, Machine Learning
Data Ingestion
Big Data, Harvest & Storage of “Thing” data
Global Infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure (public, private, hybrid, managed)
Connectivity / Edge Computing
Communication, Protocols, Networks, M2M, Wifi. Telecom, HW Kits
Devices, Sensors, Controllers, etc.

Why us?

REQUEST A QUOTE We will contact you within one business day.
  • We take care of the development process from A to Z, including hardware design and software engineering.
  • A dedicated team of professional IoT experts, ready to take on any new challenges.
  • Hands-on domain expertise with a proven track record of successful products.

What our clients say

Golan Derazon, CTO at GreenIQ
"We had a development challenge, as well as a business one. We needed quality people quickly, so we decided to approach Eastern Peak. The results were excellent and were were able to exploit the full potential of the IoT."
Rob Round
Rob Newey, PMO at DPD UK
"We wanted to enhance our shipping solutions by migrating our desktop-based platform and its users to a new web application. Good KPIs met our expectations, generating plans for future collaboration with Eastern Peak."
Dana Shelaff, CEO, FixitJoe
"Eastern Peak assumed responsibility for their results and never tried to deflect it. They stood behind their promises and were very pragmatic. We have received input on app development as well as on our general business model, which helped a lot."
Dmitry Strakovsky, CEO, MakeTime Inc.
"We needed to find people who were experienced specifically with startup schedules. Most of the people I've worked with had experience of five or six startups, and they're in their mid-20s. These guys have a good reputation, and I just got very lucky to work with them."
Ran Rachlin, CEO, Global Testing Platform
"They gave me the knowledge, expertise, and experience I needed to launch everything from the beginning and to support it further. They're like a partner in terms of thinking and creating new concepts, new features, and new ideas."
Michael Magkov, CEO, Education Test Prep Company
"Mainly, it is Eastern Peak's flexible approach, their ability to meet deadlines. They will deploy a correct solution to reach your goals. It feels like you can beat the deadlines with them, and that is very valuable."
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