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The future is connected. Transform every aspect of your business with IoT development

With the rapid development of IoT services, your business receives hundreds of new opportunities to connect with your customers in real life, making possible the delivery of outstanding customer experiences even easier. Don’t miss the chance to win your market share by introducing custom IoT solutions.

Join the revolution with professional IoT consulting services at Eastern Peak. From wearable devices and personal trackers, to industrial IoT services, we build market-ready products for the Internet of Things companies and startups. Contact our team to learn how we can help.

IoT services

Any device, any business

We can create custom Internet of Things solutions for you that can be deployed on any operating system or embedded device to help you unlock the business value of connected ecosystems and reimagine your customer experiences.

IoT services for
connected cars

Get valuable insights about your vehicle in real time and monitor its status remotely with automotive IoT solutions.

IoT for sports &

Augment your fitness product with the integration of custom IoT devices and sensors to tap into a pool of users’ health data.

Industrial IoT

Streamline your business processes with our industrial automation solutions. From manufacturing to field services, deploy a network of smart devices to prevent disruption and lower operating costs.

IoT consulting

Not sure how to make IoT a part of your business strategy? Consult with our experts to discover the best ways to benefit from IoT services.


Discover the key elements of the IoT software development process. Our vast expertise and domain-specific knowledge allow us to provide end-to-end services building IoT solutions for your business.

  • Layer 07.

    People / Process

    Identification of the business processes, to which IoT could provide a solution, and people who will interact with it for transformational decision making based on “Thing” apps & data and achieving long-term business goals.

  • Layer 06.


    We will build a custom IoT application defining all necessary features (i.e. GPS and navigation, safety, voice and gesture control etc.), using “Thing” data and taking into account both user interface and user experience.

  • Layer 05.

    Data Analysis

    Data analytics should be at the core of every smart solution. It is necessary to have powerful data analytics capabilities and apply predictive algorithms and machine learning in order to obtain actionable insights based on the collected data.

  • Layer 04.

    Data Ingestion

    It is important to have centralized data storage. It allows collecting, processing and analyzing data. Cloud storage is great for such tasks. It enables data transmission even if there are issues with the connection.

  • Layer 03.

    Global Infrastructure

    Establishing a solid backend infrastructure is one of the essential elements of a successful IoT product. Working in real time with large amounts of data, we will ensure that connection is reliable and can handle the data load. Security will be built into your product by default.

  • Layer 02.

    Connectivity / Edge Computing

    We will identify the type of connectivity needed for your IoT project (such as communication, protocols, networks, M2M, Wifi, telecom, HW Kits) in order to tie the hardware, backend, and mobile app into one system (or connect to any third-party system or service).

  • Layer 01.


    We will help you select the hardware type (devices, sensors, controllers, etc.): the issues you want to solve and the data you want to collect will determine the type of hardware for your IoT solution.

Work samples

Helping businesses and startups bring their product ideas to life and win the market.

Custom Internet of Things

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FAQs on IoT solutions development

1. What types of IoT development services do you provide?

Our team can develop bespoke IoT solutions customized to your unique objectives and deployed across any system or hardware. We also offer IoT consulting if you are hesitating about how your company can incorporate the Internet of Things into your business operations. It can help you strategize the best approach for integrating IoT technologies into your operations.

2. What sectors do you provide IoT development services for?

Our IoT solutions have been implemented across many sectors. Whether customers operate in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, or other fields, Eastern Peak can help.

We understand industrial and technological challenges across various domains and develop innovative approaches that can fully transform your business operations.

3. In what ways can IoT technology help increase operational performance for my business?

IoT presents opportunities for businesses to optimize their processes. IoT technologies allow for collecting and analyzing large amounts of real-time data from the field. This data visibility can help identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. You can then make process adjustments to enhance workflow, minimize waste, and maximize the use of your resources.

Additionally, IoT platforms facilitate distant control and management of business functions. Remote asset tracking allows companies to organize staff, shipments, and inventory better and so simplify business processes.

4. What steps should I take to begin an IoT project with you?

The initial stage in developing any IoT solution involves product discovery. This phase encompasses defining functional requirements, user experience/interface design specifications, and prototyping that provides a lucid perspective of the final deliverable.

Our specialists will analyze your purpose, facilitate the articulation of a compelling product proposition, and come up with the initiatives pivotal to developing a winning solution.

5. How does Eastern Peak ensure security for its internet-connected product solutions?

Eastern Peak places the utmost importance on ensuring the safety and cybersecurity of all our Internet of Things solutions and systems. We implement stringent protocols throughout product development and deployment to guard against unauthorized access or breaches. Customer and user privacy is also fully safeguarded.

6. Can you combine IoT technologies with our current infrastructure setups?

Our experts are skillful in connecting IoT deployments with legacy systems to deliver complete, synchronized solutions that optimize processes and increase overall productivity across the enterprise.

Whether you require implementing new IoT technologies or enhancing current IoT deployments, our specialists possess the necessary expertise to connect IoT devices to your current network architecture.

7. What makes Eastern Peak unique in developing Internet of Things solutions?

Clients distinguish Eastern Peak in IoT solution development thanks to our dedication to innovative and customized approaches. By partnering closely with clients and gaining a deep understanding of their unique operational requirements and strategic business objectives, we create custom IoT platforms that streamline efficiencies and power new revenue streams.

With expertise in leading-edge technologies like machine learning, predictive analytics, and more, we can transform how your business interacts with your customers and assets through connected digital solutions.

8. Can you provide cases of accomplished IoT projects?

We gained significant experience delivering successful IoT solutions across multiple industries. Our experts develop market-ready products for companies and startups, ranging from wearable devices and personal tracking solutions to industrial IoT services. For detailed examples and case studies, please reach out to us directly.

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