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Bizzabo is the world’s fastest growing event technology company that empowers event marketers to manage, measure and grow professional events across the globe. Their platform brings people together by providing all the tools necessary for organizers to create rewarding events.

As a constantly evolving company, Bizzabo was determined to expand the functionality of their platform for end-users. They aimed to move towards the next level of commercial success by improving existing abilities and implementing new ideas.


Bizzabo had to overcome technology adoption barriers:

  • Outdated and inflexible frameworks hampered the development process and made the expansion of the platform cumbersome.

  • The system had a monolithic architecture that wasn’t reliable and made continuous deployment difficult.

  • The users of the mobile application weren’t satisfied with the user experience.


Bizzabo decided it was high time to grow!

“We started as a mobile app that would display a community of people within your proximity. It provided information such as who is going to join and offered the functionality to book meetings in advance, see the agenda, etc. But after a while we understood thtxt-boxat it’s not enough and that the industry needed a big disruption”

Royi Schwartz, VP R&D


Eastern Peak’s team has been working in close collaboration with Bizzabo’s in-house team for more than 3 years:

  • Working on the software system to make it more resilient, and making the automation testing and deployment process easier,

  • Migration from a monolithic to a microservice architecture to make it extendable and more convenient to maintain,

  • Redeveloping the mobile application using the latest web development technologies,

  • Using modern security protocols and certificates (HTTPS, SSL) that protect users’ data and procure safe payments.


A financially successful platform that is used by over hundreds of event marketers such as Uber, Inbound, Drift, Gainsight and many others.

White label

The application’s features included a customer admin panel, the ability to create shipments, and print labels. The system also enables managers to view data collected from the WMS (warehouse management systems) as well as from material handling equipment, and match it against order records.

Analytics and
smart reports

The system automatically generates an International Electronic Invoice which includes all the necessary information based on the law of the state-recipient. It is possible to print all product info for international orders on relevant customs forms, including CN22 forms for items being exported from the EU. Thus, the customs check of the goods is running much faster.

Connected data

The customer support manager receives a request from the user, and by using tags, the system automatically retrieves the relevant answer based on the FAQ information.


AI technology integrated into delivery modules optimized routes based on environmental, traffic, and vehicle/staff availability data, reducing the last mile costs, fuel consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions.

Success Stories

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