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Boost efficiency and innovation with scalable and tailor-made SaaS software

SaaS has become an increasingly popular software delivery model when it comes to building custom multi-tenant applications. With our comprehensive SaaS software development services you can build, launch and scale a cutting-edge SaaS product tailored to your specific needs.

We at Eastern Peak handle every aspect of the Saas development process, ensuring to provide you with a competitive edge in the fast-paced digital landscape by delivering tailored solutions or upgrading your on-premises ones to new, high-performing SaaS products.

With our expert team of developers and engineers, we transform your ideas into robust market-ready cloud-based software solutions focusing on reliable infrastructure, uncompromised security, and user-first experience.


Get easy to deploy, scalable, and secure software-as-a-service apps with high performance no matter the industry or niche you operate in.


Modern cloud-based CRM & ERP systems with complex data analytics suits that help enterprises process massive amounts of data and automate business initiatives.

PM & remote
work tools

Accessible from everywhere, SaaS-based tools for remote and distributed teams, to build a smooth communication process and manage work efficiently.

Marketing &
HR software

From managing job offerings, evaluating staff performance and engagement to analysis and improvement of promotion tactics – cloud-based apps will assist you according to your needs.

Vertical SaaS

Niche-specific SaaS applications that help market players in a particular industry or segment streamline and optimize their processes and improve their efficiency.

Things to focus on when building a SaaS product

Key points you need to consider when building a SaaS platform to help you align your development plans and processes.

App monetization model

Choose your SaaS app monetization model before you get fully immersed into the app development process. The most common ones for Software as a Service are freemium, transaction fees, in-app advertising, and subscription models.

Ensuring API integrations

SaaS software, especially intended for use in business environments, should integrate seamlessly with other enterprise tools and applications depending on your needs.

Choosing a cloud vendor

Compare cloud service providers such as AWS, and select a supplier that delivers the value and benefits your organization expects from the cloud.

Product discovery

The product discovery phase is the best first step to lay a solid foundation for SaaS app development. Define your future product and give users and stakeholders ‘a taste’ of how it will work.


From gathering requirements to developing a SaaS app to launching it on the market, we will guide you through all the steps of the SaaS application development process.

  • Step 1.

    Functional specification

    This is a starting point in the development of your future product. It helps define a clear vision of the product, gather the requirements, define the first set of features to implement, create use cases, user flows, etc., keeping in mind customers needs and your goals.

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  • Step 2.

    UX/UI, graphic design

    At this stage we will provide you with the best interface that delivers the experience your users want when interacting with your product. You will be able to not only see your product’s look and feel, but test every feature before implementing it.

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  • Step 3.

    Software development

    We will develop your web or mobile product using modern coding standards, programming languages, proven technologies and approaches according to the aim of the project, its size and budget to ensure that your product works quickly, reliably and to scale.

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  • Step 4.

    QA and bug fixing

    We apply both manual and automated testing to all digital products we build to verify that the code is bug-free, everything works as planned and the overall performance of the product is of the highest level before it goes live.

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  • Step 5.

    Technical and marketing support

    After your product is launched we are still here for you to provide you and your users with technical and marketing support as long as you need it. This may include product’s performance monitoring, ongoing upgrades and tuning, SEO and App Store optimization advice, etc.

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FAQs on SaaS solutions development

1. What does SaaS app development entail?

SaaS app development means the creation of easy to deploy, scalable, and secure cloud-based software solutions that reflect your business domain and help your customers cover their needs with your product (whether it is CRM, ERP, HR, marketing or any other software).

2. For what reasons is the creation of SaaS apps a superior substitute for business applications?

If you decide to develop a SaaS software solution you can expect the following benefits of such kind of business: quick time to market with your product, reaching target audience globally, introducing new and innovative features seamlessly making your product competitive and stand out, as well as being sure of getting a stable revenue flow to help your business grow.

3. What level of SaaS development experience does Eastern Peak have?

We are a seasoned service provider with extensive knowledge in creating personalized software-as-a-service programs.

Numerous projects in a variety of industries, including SaaS applications for restaurant operations, learning management systems, appointment scheduling and booking apps, industrial control systems, clinical data management software, and many more, have been successfully completed by our specialists.

4. Is it possible to connect SaaS apps with current systems?

Indeed. SaaS solutions may be effectively integrated into your present infrastructure by Eastern Peak. To optimize organizational efficiency, our experts have vast experience connecting cloud-based apps with legacy systems.

5. What tech do you utilize for SaaS app development?

Eastern Peak leverages various technologies in our software-as-a-service application development, depending on the particular project requirements.

At the core is a microservices architecture built on containers, allowing for discrete units that can be independently developed, tested, and deployed. Key programming languages include Java, Python, and JavaScript for backend APIs and interfaces.

A modern front-end framework like React provides powerful and responsive user experiences. Infrastructure as code and configuration management tools such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Ansible bring consistency and portability to development.

6. What security precautions do you take for SaaS applications?

We take extensive precautions to guarantee the safety of software programs that are provided via the SaaS approach. We provide our clients with strong confidence in the security of any systems and data accessed through our cloud services via multi-layered security protocols, authentication restrictions, and routine testing.

7. In terms of SaaS development services, what distinguishes you?

You can depend on receiving cutting-edge, client-focused solutions when Eastern Peak is your SaaS development partner. In our opinion, long-term success in this industry stems from a thorough comprehension of each client’s particular objectives and difficulties, even though technical proficiency and superior execution are prerequisites.

Our focus is on working with you to design smart and adaptable ways that address your most pressing issues and facilitate development, as opposed to merely delivering features or capabilities.

8. How can I get started working with Eastern Peak on developing SaaS applications?

Building a solid foundation for the design and engineering of a new application begins with the early phase of product discovery.

In addition to defining the functional requirements, user experience, and interface quirks, this step also entails creating a visual prototype that represents the desired result. Our professionals will investigate your goals and develop a product vision, which will be followed by a successful product development and launch.

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A portfolio of successfully delivered SaaS projects in such fields as EdTech, Restaurant, Event technology, Healthcare and others.

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A tight-knit team of experienced SaaS app developers that can develop a SaaS product of any size and complexity.


Our SaaS development company creates competitive applications that reach your customers on their favorite devices and bring you profit.

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