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It has been almost 10 years since Uber launched its successfully scalable business, inspiring many entrepreneurs with the idea of making something similar, which is now called Uber like services. Access to a crowd of people supported by mobile apps for clients and workers, an advanced web platform, and a powerful backoffice is without doubt a promising business direction to take. It’s not a big surprise that we often hear from our customers, “How can I create the next Uber for X?”

Knowing all the nuances from the inside, we have helped numerous businesses grow to their full potential with our location-based custom software development solutions for Uber like apps.

Get taxi

A global taxi service, #1 for on-demand corporate transportation globally driving half the Fortune 500

The taxi service operating in 57 cities including New York, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, and all across Israel. Built by our core team of taxi app developers from the ground up.

  • Web Consumer
  • Backoffice


On-demand waterless car cleaning service

Web and mobile systems, offering an extensive backoffice system as well as dedicated apps for customers and cleaning professionals.

It encompasses a comprehensive dashboard for corporate customers and intuitive interfaces for private consumers. A full business cycle was implemented, from single click ordering with in-app payments, to business-side analytics and reporting.

  • iOS & Android apps
  • Web Consumer
  • Backoffice


On-demand repair services for households and businesses

Quick and easy ordering of on-demand repairmen. Real-time monitoring and location tracking of the repairman’s route to their destination. In-app payments.

The Fixit Joe app allows users to
  • Order top-level professionals with a rating based on a discrete algorithm developed by Eastern Peak.
  • Invite a repairman into your home without any concerns regarding the professionalism, reliability, personality, and skills of the repairman.
  • Track the repairman’s route as well as location in real-time, and pay via the mobile app.
Client review

Right from the alpha and beta versions, we could see that the apps were being built efficiently and in a well-organized manner. We often received non-functional products from other developers, but this never happened with Eastern Peak.

Dana Shelaff

CEO at FixitJoe

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interview on Clutch


A global mobile app testing solution

A cloud-based, process management platform for mobile app testing. Smart mobile SDK for quick and easy in-app bug editing, reporting and user-feedback.

A comprehensive web system with separate interfaces for customers, QA managers, crowd testers and administrators.

  • iOS & Android apps
  • Web Consumer
  • Backoffice

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