Team extension

A team you’ll be proud to call your own

Augment your in-house engineering team with the best talent, hand-picked just for you. You will have complete control over the extended team, decide how to organize your resources while planning ahead and keeping track of your costs.

We at Eastern Peak have a vast track record building scalable and efficient development teams for startups and businesses worldwide. Using our expertise and direct access to a vast talent pool, we can help you set up your own extended development team and fine tune your operations in accordance to your needs.

Why choose team extension


engineers to choose from to become a part of your team


acceptance rate of new candidates with our 3-level screening process

0 time

interruptions, your team works your local hours


We will provide you with the highest skilled engineering talent and deeper level of support to make sure the work is aligned with your project plan, objectives, and target delivery dates.

  • Step 1.


    With access to our exclusive talent pool of pre-vetted professionals, you can select the best candidates and interview them in person. You always have the final say on who to hire. In order for a candidate to be able to become a valuable addition to your team, we verify that they have the technical and soft skills necessary for the job.

  • Step 2.

    Team integration

    The extended development team that you hire with Eastern Peak becomes an integral part of your in-house staff. They report directly to your in-house project manager, follow your internal processes, use the communication and collaboration tools you choose, just like your in-house team.

  • Step 3.

    Ongoing support

    Our recruitment team will provide constant support and help you tackle any challenges you may face down the road. This means you can easily and accordingly adjust your team size or skill set(s) to the project requirements throughout the evolution of your project.

Why us ?

Here are some of the reasons why such companies as DPD, Soho House, Gett and others have chosen to work with us.

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Helping businesses and startups bring their product ideas to life and win the market.

Custom Internet of Things solutions

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Location-based solutions for Uber-like apps

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Custom mobile applications

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On‑demand marketplaces and E‑commerce websites

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SaaS solutions

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Enterprise software solutions

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Edtech solutions

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Fintech solutions

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More solutions for businesses from different domains

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When should I consider team extension?

Team extension works best in case you already have a development team that you manage in-house, and you are looking to add specific skills or domain expertise that are hard to be sourced on-site.

How can I be sure that the developers I hire have the right skills and will fit in well with my core team?

All candidates in our database undergo a thorough 3-level screening process so that you can be sure that you hire only the best specialists who can meet even the most demanding requirements.
Moreover, you are in charge of the recruitment process – you can personally screen and interview the best candidates. It’s also up to you to make the final hiring decision. Thus, you can be sure that the specialists you hire will meet your requirements and will be the right fit for your in-house team.

How is your developers’ English level?

All of our project managers and most of our developers have advanced level of English. Our project managers also speak Russian, Hebrew and Arabic for our customers convenience.

What if we are not satisfied with the chosen developers? (e.g. significant drop offs in performance, attitude problems, etc.)?

For dedicated teams who work directly with our clients, we work hard to ensure we select engineers that possess not only excellent programming skills, but also strong personality and communication abilities. In an unlikely event of drop offs in performance or attitude problems, you are advised to notify us immediately the very first time you feel something is not right so that our project manager will step in and handle the situation from the inside.
If it doesn’t help, or if you want an immediate replacement, we will replace them with a new candidate.
On our side, we provide as much support as we can, making it our first priority to ensure you are happy with your team.

We are looking to hire developers onsite. Can you help with that?

We work with many clients across the world, arranging business visits to their offices for a week or two for kick-off meetings to ensure a smooth workflow between development teams. We are setting up a dedicated team where our developers work under your supervision, use the same procedures and tools, and work the same hours just as your in-house team.
Yet, most of their time all of our developers work from our office in Ukraine so that we can offer our clients a high quality service in terms of management and communication as well as a reduced pricing. We are happy to provide you with references from some of our clients so that you can contact them and see if this model may work for your company too.

What you get

  • A free cost estimate.

  • Professional advice.

  • We keep your ideas safe.

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