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Founded in 2012, Eastern Peak is a professional strategy consulting and technology provider that helps companies of all sizes and across different industries accelerate the speed at which they do business, improve their time to market, bring costs down, and instill productive changes in every process, employee, and business model.

We offer top digital transformation experts with extensive experience to plan and implement transformation and innovation programs for tier-1 companies and others together with an access to a dedicated R&D and DevOps talent pool of over 250 software and hardware developers, designers, QA and PM.

How we differ

Best engineering talent

We accept only 5% of the candidates we interview. Thanks to our 3-level screening approach and strong recruiting network across Eastern Europe, we attract the best engineering talent, including rare domain expertise.

High communication standards

You get a team that follows the highest communication standards to ensure full transparency throughout the process, just as if you were working with an in-house team. Needless to say, they adapt to your local hours.

End-to-end services and support

On-demand access to pool of 250+ developers, DepOps, QA, designers & architects. You can easily and accordingly adjust your team size or skill set(s) to the project requirements throughout the evolution of your project.

Top digital transformation experts

With extensive experience of planning and implementing innovation programs for tier-1 companies to guide you safely through your digital challenges.


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Whether you are looking to develop a new product, to modernize your legacy systems or to entirely transform your business by exploiting advances in technology, we are your one-stop shop to get your business moving toward the future.

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