Ensuring flawless operation throughout the entire product lifecycle

When your product is successfully launched to the market, we don’t simply give you our farewells. We stay with you and provide you and your users with technical and marketing support as long as you need it. We understand the importance of product enhancement and offer integrated services to streamline, manage and maximize all systems and applications within your organization and help you focus on your core business processes.

what we offer

Reliable post-launch support

Whether you need to adapt your product to business requirements and market challenges by adding new functionality or enhancements, fix issues that have arisen during the operation of your application, integrate it with other systems or tools, or need help with proper and efficient app promotion, our support team is at your service to ensure high performance of your product and customers’ satisfaction.

Technical support and maintenance

Eastern Peak offers software development as well as support and maintenance services that cover the following types of work:

  • The handling of problems identified during production
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Migration process in case of system scaling

Support will be provided during our standard business hours 8am-5pm BST and 5 days a week excluding local holidays. Additional SLA options are available upon request.

Marketing support

After your product has been launched, our online marketing team will advise you on SEO and App Store optimization strategies, social media management and paid advertising campaigns. We will ensure that you receive a high return on your investment by diligently monitoring available metrics.

With most of our customers we work on a dedicated marketing team model. This means that you will be assigned a marketing specialist, who will work with you directly on a monthly basis. They will create a unique marketing strategy for your application, define your target audience and provide you with the most efficient marketing channels for it and, based on this, the required marketing budget.


Permanent operability

We’ll keep you covered from all the bugs and harmful activities ensuring permanent operability of your product and eliminating critical issues before they start causing errors.

Product enhancement

Removing outdated functionality and introducing new features and upgrades will ensure your product efficiency, performance and security, satisfy the latest needs of your tech savvy users.

Cost reduction

Being covered for software bugs and receiving updates regularly you will be able to gain control over your IT expenditures and eliminate large unexpected upfront costs down the road.

Adapting to changes

We will keep your business in line with the present technological and market trends and stay ahead of the competition, ensuring you leverage all the benefits of the new technologies.

Improved user experience

With regular maintenance and support you will be able to focus on what matters for your users, tackle issues on-time and ensure high quality of the product, that will lead to better reviews, more referrals and sales.

High return on investment

By having a thorough marketing strategy and ongoing support you will be able to enter the market smoothly, attract your target audience, stay competitive and get desired outcomes in the short run.


I need special terms for maintenance and technical support. Is it possible?

Providing different SLA levels, we can definitely customize our offer based on your specific needs. However, for most of the clients we’ve worked with for several years, our basic SLA for maintenance and support is sufficient.

Do you have experience optimizing the speed and responsiveness of mobile websites?

In order to get insight into mobile performance and the speed of mobile browser services, we use external services, such as Google PageSpeed Insights. Once we have a full overview of the content and its performance, we analyze and implement the suggestions one by one to make the page faster.

Besides optimizing and minifying javascript, HTML, CSS, image formats, document loading process (loading in parallel), assets pipeline, etc. We also review and analyze elements and page performance that can affect the user experience. For this purpose, we make sure that the font sizes are legible, the content of the page fits within the viewport, nothing is blocking the content and all the links and buttons on the screen are easy to use with a touch screen.

Are your developers familiar with the strategies needed for running mobile SEO successfully?

Yes, our developers are familiar with the strategies needed for running mobile SEO successfully. We have experience with the fundamentals of SEO practices for URLs, meta-tags, redirection, annotations and many others. We know how to avoid common mistakes that frustrate mobile visitors. The implementation of SEO requirements from our side is carried out in accordance with Google’s ‘Mobile SEO Configurations’ guidelines and under the supervision of our marketing managers.

What you get

  • A free cost estimate.

  • Professional advice.

  • We keep your ideas safe.

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