On-demand applications

Join the on-demand revolution and lead the way in your industry

The on-demand economy was developed to provide customers with a flawless experience while giving service providers an opportunity to showcase their competencies. At Eastern Peak, we take pride in empowering businesses with custom on-demand app solutions that redefine convenience and customer satisfaction. 

With vast experience in building some of the top-tier Uber-like apps, we at Eastern Peak have accumulated the expertise and valuable business insights about the on-demand economy. By investing in building apps like Uber, you take a further step to creating a convenient reality for today’s and future consumers.

Join us on this transformative journey, and together, let’s create an app that makes a difference in people’s lives.


We will help you find your place in an extremely diverse market with a tailor-made on-demand service app.


Cutting-edge taxi on-demand app development solutions for ride-share companies, transportation firms, and aspiring entrepreneurs to dive into the taxi business like Uber. Instant taxi bookings, real-time driver tracking, simplified ride management  – everything to ensure a seamless user experience, while taking your transportation services to the next level.

Food & grocery

Top-notch app development services for restaurants, grocery stores, and anyone looking to provide seamless on-demand food and grocery delivery. Let customers browse through a wide selection of favorite meals, fresh fruits, vegetables, and other essentials, to have them delivered to their doorstep at a preferred time.


Doctor-on-demand apps that allow patients to connect with healthcare professionals for medical advice, follow-up appointments, and routine check-ups, ensuring personalized care from the comfort of their homes. Healthcare providers, in turn, can expand their reach and offer medical expertise to a broader audience, all through the app.

Pro services

On-demand fuel delivery, household or beauty services, parcel or flowers delivery – there are lots of different niches to fill and make your brand stand out with your unique on-demand service application. Step into the world of enhanced services and take full advantage of on-demand solutions development.


Core feature set in your on-demand app development to consider first.

  • Customer app
  • Registration & profile management
  • Search & filters
  • Geolocation
  • Order tracking
  • Messaging system
  • Notifications
  • Payments
  • Rating & reviews
  • Help & support
  • Service provider app
  • Registration & profile management
  • A list of orders
  • Orders management
  • Push notifications
  • A GPS navigation system
  • Messaging system
  • Earnings tracking
  • Rating
  • Admin panel
  • Dashboard
  • Matching algorithm
  • Users management
  • Service providers management
  • Managing prices and fees
  • Help & support
  • Analytics & reports


From gathering requirements to developing an on-demand app to launching it on the market, we will guide you through all the steps of the on-demand service app development process.

  • Step 1.

    Functional specification

    This is a starting point in the development of your future product. It helps define a clear vision of the product, gather the requirements, define the first set of features to implement, create use cases, user flows, etc., keeping in mind customers needs and your goals.

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  • Step 2.

    UX/UI, graphic design

    At this stage we will provide you with the best interface that delivers the experience your users want when interacting with your product. You will be able to not only see your product’s look and feel, but test every feature before implementing it.

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  • Step 3.

    Software development

    We will develop your web or mobile product using modern coding standards, programming languages, proven technologies and approaches according to the aim of the project, its size and budget to ensure that your product works quickly, reliably and to scale.

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  • Step 4.

    QA and bug fixing

    We apply both manual and automated testing to all digital products we build to verify that the code is bug-free, everything works as planned and the overall performance of the product is of the highest level before it goes live.

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  • Step 5.

    Technical and marketing support

    After your product is launched we are still here for you to provide you and your users with technical and marketing support as long as you need it. This may include product’s performance monitoring, ongoing upgrades and tuning, SEO and App Store optimization advice, etc.

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Some of our on-demand projects

A global taxi service, #1 for on-demand corporate transportation globally driving half the Fortune 500

The taxi service operates in 57 cities including New York, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, and all across Israel. Built by our core team of taxi app developers from the ground up.


The application adopts the best Uber practices, offering on-demand booking and pre-booking, car tracking, in-app payments, driver ratings, and tipping.

On-demand repair services for households and businesses

Quick and easy ordering of on-demand top-level repairmen in your area with a rating based on a discrete algorithm developed by Eastern Peak.

Real-time monitoring and location tracking of the repairman’s route to their destination. In-app payments.

FAQs on on-demand app development

1. Can you develop an on-demand app for different industries?

Yes, we have expertise in developing software solutions for various industries including food delivery, transportation, and healthcare, tailoring them to meet specific business needs and requirements.

2. How do you ensure the quality of the software?

Our team follows a rigorous quality assurance process, conducting thorough testing to deliver bug-free and high-performing software.

3. Will an on-demand app be compatible with both iOS and Android?

Definitely! We will develop an application for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a wide reach for your on-demand services.

4. Can the app handle peak hours and demand spikes?

Sure, we will design the application the way it handles high demand and peak hours efficiently, ensuring seamless services for users.

5. Can I monitor and analyze app performance?

Yes, we will provide comprehensive analytics tools that allow you to monitor app performance and make data-driven decisions.

6. Can my on-demand app be scalable for future growth?

Yes, our software solutions are designed with scalability in mind to accommodate your business growth, ensuring they can adapt and grow as your business expands.

Why us?


A portfolio of successfully delivered mobile projects in such fields as Crowd Economy, Business and Finance, Healthcare and others.

tech talent

A tight-knit team of experienced mobile app developers that can develop a mobile app of any size and complexity.


Our app development company creates competitive applications that reach your customers on their favorite devices and bring you profit.

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