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Custom Web Development

We are jack-of-all-trades website developers. You might only have an idea of what you want – it is enough for us to start working. Eastern Peak have walked a hard way to become who we are now: self-confident, reliable and trustworthy. Experience comes with mistakes done, not with the flow of time and we understand all do’s and dont’s in custom software development. Our website developers have dealt with projects of any complexity and size: from tiny digital products to sophisticated enterprise software; and we know our onions when it comes to custom web development.

Work samples

Check some of our website examples.

  • Marketplace
  • Uber-like
  • Enterprise
  • Education

How it works

With transparent delivery processes, excellent communication and a flexible approach, we deliver custom software projects to all types of businesses, from startups to enterprises.

What differs our custom web products from others?

Eastern Peak – website developers that bring you to the top

Unlike off-the-shelf products you can find, our custom development solutions are unique, and created precisely for your needs. We submerge ourselves into the specifics of your project, learn your needs and use our experience to deliver the product that will shipwreck your competitors.

Website development life cycle at Eastern Peak Software

  1. Understanding the requirements
  2. Estimating the scope of the project
  3. Planning the whole process

First we analyze your business goals, target audience and what purposes your product would serve. The ticket to success consists of two key points: an understanding of your end users and knowledge of the marketplace. Eastern Peak market experts analyze your customers, their needs and the ways to reach them.

We determine the specification and the scope of features to implement along with technical requirements. It means that we calculate resources and efforts necessary to develop the project, implement all planned features, as well as evaluate and test them. The hardest part about estimating is to foresee the dynamic aspects of the project and avoid possible budget and schedule “collisions” they may cause.

In this phase we plan time resources, the budget of the project and manpower to implement the project according to the requirements. This stage includes strategic and tactical planning, and tools to manage and control changes in the key factors of the project’s scope, budget, resources and schedule. You will be provided with the most convenient means to monitor the development process.

  • Designing

    We create and give you Software Design Documentation that demonstrates the flow of the product’s processes and the way it will look. You make adjustments, we tweak it and begin to work.

  • Offshore software development

    That’s it, the coding itself. We create your website, and keep you informed on what is happening at each stage of the website development process.

  • Web testing & bug fixing

    We verify that everything works as planned, ensuring the absence of bugs and the overall performance of the product.

  • Release

    The Gala day. All the packages and documentation are collected and the solution is placed in the production environment. The test check is done. It’s time for champagne and fireworks!

  • Maintenance & Support

    Our engineers monitor performance and carry out regular security reviews. In addition they implement ongoing upgrades and tuning.

Throw a lifeline to your users – create a custom web development solution

Imagine a ship that has run into a gale

The team is looking through the spyglass to see how to reach the land without taking the ground. And they see lights on the coast, lots of them. The crew of the ship are your customers seeking for the right product. The lights in the haze are custom development solutions offered by your competitors. And you know what people on the ship need? They need a beacon, a heaven-sent light that will guide them to a safe haven. Your product should outshine others, and should be seen, recognized and used by customers. Eastern Peak will make you outstanding and reliable, while your competitors continue to fiddle-faddle in the haze.

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