With the use of CMS solutions, maintenance of a website becomes easy for any kind of user without being a programmer. For the convenience of several users of the CMS website, there might be few levels of permission. However, it’s not all roses. Existing content management systems are bloated in order to cover all possible functionalities, even the needless ones. But there’s no reason for despair – Eastern Peak can adjust any PHP CMS to your specific needs.

What is a content management system?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application used to easily manage the content of a website. It allows you to create, organize, edit and review a website content from a central interface. Below, you will find a chart with the best CMSs. We will compare the pros and cons to help you better understand which CMS to choose for your website.

World’s top CMS comparison chart

WordPress Drupal Joomla Magento
Licensing costs free free free Community version
is free
Ease of use
SEO & Marketing capabilities
Best used for corporate, informational
websites, blogs
corporate, informational,
complex websites
e-commerce, social
networking websites

What are the benefits of a customized CMS?

1. Easy as A, B, C

Even your hot office manager can maintain your website, add content and edit it without asking for help

2. Backup to the rescue!

Even if somebody has made a mistake – the CMS has an archive that allows backing up previous versions

3. Trouble proof

You can sleep well: design is separated from the content, and your content-manager won’t ruin the whole website

4. Permission hierarchy

You can define the permission level even for people who are able to break the stainless steel ball, so they can work without doing any damage to the website

5. Easy to collaborate – easy to share

It is easy and convenient for your staff to collaborate via CMS, as it has shared resources – images, audio, files, etc.

6. Mobile ready web page

Your customized content management system automatically scales the website for any mobile device (or an older computer, if your grandma decides to surf some “Internets”)

7. SEO is easy

You can feel like a SEO-jedi by easily optimizing your content for search engines

8. Win-win solution

You have a well-working tool, adjusted precisely for your needs that could be used by non-technical employees. Success!

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