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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Web Application Testing

Bugged and slow website could turn off even the most loyal users. Web testing services exist to prevent this. Call Eastern Peak – save your customers.

Web apps are the online presence of your brand. Eastern Peak can help you with web testing of any kind, whether you want to deploy a massive and enterprise web app or a content-focused website for your customers.

Why you need Web Application Testing

  • If there are any bottlenecks of performance in your app – testing will reveal them before deployment
  • Web App testing allows you to check various versions and system configurations of your app
  • It ensures that your app meets the Service Level Agreements under assumed load
  • Evaluate performance of third-party services

Don’t become the victim of endless disputes about which testing type is better for you: manual or automated. This eternal holy war is supported by the adepts of each approach and sees no end. But there is a third and wiser way – use both. Let us explain why.

Eastern Peak manual testing services

Manual testing is used in short-term projects, where automated testing would be unprofitable or when you have to test things that require the human touch, for example usability.

  • Functional testing

    Ensures that your app works according to specified requirements in any conditions.

  • Localization testing

    Verifies the compliance of your app for the target market. We check whether your product meets the standards of a particular region.

  • Cross-browser testing

    Ensures that your app is running smoothly on various browsers and platforms.

  • Usability Testing

    Checks the user acceptance of the product, how your end-user perceive it, is it easy to use.

  • Installation Testing

    Includes testing of a software installation process and set up as well as uninstallation and installation of upgrades.

  • Security Testing

    Reveals possible vulnerabilities of the system and flaws in the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the app.

Eastern Peak automated web testing services

Automated testing is used when there are thousands repetitive and boring tasks that could take years, or there is a need to simulate thousands customers using your web application at a time, thus allowing you to test its performance in such conditions.

  • Unit Tests

    They test a bits of code. These elements are taken as a smallest testable part of an app and are checked whether they perform correctly apart from other components.

  • Integration Tests

    Is a robust but time-consuming testing type that combines software elements into modules and test them together. The king of automated testing.

  • GUI Tests

    They are also called Coded GUI tests and perform functional testing of UI controls, whether they function correctly. It is the better method to test routine UI issues.

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