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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Mobile app testing

Being VERY particular about quality, today’s users are absolutely intolerant of low performance, functional bugs and compatibility issues of mobile apps they use. As a result, you get a high uninstall rate, a low conversion rate and lots of negative feedback in the AppStore or Google Play.

The Eastern Peak Software team will test your mobile app to ensure its flawless work anywhere, anytime and for any user.

Mobile App Testing Services

We offer a full range of mobile app testing services to find and eliminate potential problems your end-users may face. Enjoy our mobile testing service as a part of your mobile app development process or as a standalone service.

  • Functional testing

    We provide Android testing as well as iOS testing to verify the correspondence of your mobile app to the functional specs. Our mobile app testers will ensure your five star rating on the application markets!

  • Usability testing

    The cornerstone of success on the mobile market is a preliminary testing of your product on the target audience. It is only after you have ascertained that it is suitable for your end-users all over the world and on any device, that you are ready to take it to the world.

  • Performance testing

    High performance of your app is no longer an option, it is a must. You are expecting a thousand users, aren’t you? So the load on your system is going to be appropriate, and you have to manage it. We will ensure that you are ready for the technical side of stunning success.

  • Security testing

    Enterprise software has gone mobile, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend defies the corporate security, and digital bad hats that look for private information are getting smarter. Eastern Peak will test the mobile security of your app and guard you from all these troubles.

  • Localization testing

    When going worldwide with your app, you have to take into account the cultural nuances of each location along with such details as phone number, formatting or color code. We will prevent you from getting into a mess.

5 challenges in mobile app testing

With the use of up-to-date bug tracking systems and QA tools, our testing team addresses all the challenges you may face to launch a 5 star app.

  • 1. Device Fragmentation

    If you want to make your app available for the whole line of Android and iOS devices, you have to test the performance and appearance of your application at myriads of existing devices, with different operating system versions. Sounds scary, heh? Fear nothing, we will take it on.

  • 2. Data Consumption

    Unfortunately we haven’t entered an era of free mobile internet everywhere yet. Data-sucking applications can leave your customer penniless and make him delete it. Our team will check the data consumption of your app, the speed consistency, as well as how it runs on 3G or Wi-Fi.

  • 3. Low Battery Catastrophe

    You know what conciliates iOS and Android users? Queues to the power outlets in airports. Without performance tests, your app could be the next power-draining digital monster for mobile devices.

  • 4. GPS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and stuff

    These things make mobile apps so useful. But testing the appropriate work of these modules can be a hardcore and inevitable trial. Are you strong enough? Call us, we are a dab hand at this.

  • 5. Touchscreen UX and UI

    Touchscreen has given us the ultimate user experience on our fingertips. People are quickly getting used to such innovations and you have to fit the high bar of users’ expectations. Is your app easy-to-use, intuitive and friendly? Is the UX flow smooth? These are the questions of life and death in mobile app testing.

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