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In spite of the advancements in mobile and tablet technology, desktop applications continue to be in use. The majority of enterprise software is installation based as well as a lot of real time systems. And we can help you deliver your desktop product that is worth installation keeping the quality at the highest level.

Our skilled testers perform QA on desktop apps to ensure they work seamlessly on various operating systems and as supposed to, using only the best and latest desktop testing tools. As a result, your software is secure, fast, convenient, and bug-free.

Desktop testing services

Graphical user interface

Here we conduct the following:

  • Verification of GUI elements size and color
  • Ensuring that the GUI works according to the functionality of the app
  • Checking if error messages are displayed correctly
  • Verification whether the different sections on screen separated clearly
  • Checking the fonts readability

Compatibility testing

We verify the trouble proof performance of your application across the most popular operating systems: Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10), Mac (Maс OS X, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS Yosemite), Linux (Ubuntu, Open SUSE, Debian).

Functional testing

We ensure the smooth work of your desktop app under any conditions.

  • Verifying the correspondence to functional specs
  • Installation testing
  • Multiple user accounts testing
  • Identifying broken links
  • Testing warning messages

Performance testing

Here we will perform checking of how your app works during sustainable use, its memory, stress testing, as well as evaluation of the reliability, scalability and interoperability of your desktop app.

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