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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Social Media Apps Development

You can hardly imagine today’s world without the social media. They have become an integral part of our everyday life and business. Why is it so important for business owners? There is no better place to reach your end users and attract new ones. Besides, social media is the fastest way to enter new market.

So why develop social media apps?

  • Your business should be a recognizable brand
  • Collect data about your customers
  • Social media is a perfect place for lead generation
  • Generate traffic to your corporate website
  • Test your new concepts on the target audience

We know customers and will get them for you

Do you know why we are better than others? They just know the technology. We know both the technology and your target audience. Just a well-working social media app is not enough, there are thousands of them. In such a competitive environment you might not have a second chance. You have to capture the attention of users and don’t let them go. We are like Pied Piper of Hamelin, and we know how to seamlessly convert your users into customers.

  • Necessity to adapt your product for different social media platforms, for example Twitter, Facebook etc.

  • Social media is like King of the Hill – it is not enough just to conquer your position, you have to hold it further.

  • In a fast-paced environment of social media it is necessary to upgrade your social web application on the go.

Yes, our approach is professional and well-tried.

First, we analyze your business goals, audience, your strengths and weaknesses. Then we thoroughly determine the core methodology, because designing a cross-platform social media web app leaves no place for mistakes. The next step is to choose a framework that will perfectly suit your business strategy.

Apps? Communities? Social Network Integration?
Give us just a little time

Eastern Peak Software can create the social web apps for all your needs. It could be:

  • Social media commercial project

    Whether you have a project of your own, or need a new one from scratch, we will create a winning ecommerce solution for you. We integrate social shopping features along with your web payment system or associate it with an existing payment gateway.

  • Turn-key Community

    Fully customized and branded community farced with top notch social networking features.

  • Online service with social features

    Planning to launch an online service? Let us make it better with social tools that will improve its user experience and virality.

  • Media content exchange solutions

    We know how to handle large data volumes in a highly scalable way. Not a single user complaint will you receive.

Along with developing social media solutions for your business, we embed the analytics features into your product to track your customers and the way they interact with your app. This kills two birds with one stone: we keep an eye on technical issues and monitor the buying behaviour of your users. That allows us to make the app more engaging and productive.

  • facebook

    Facebook app development

    Facebook apps are the key to the world’s largest social network. If you want a perfect tool to improve your brand recognition, inform your target audience about new products, announce discounts – Eastern Peak will create the Facebook app for you.

  • twitter

    Twitter app development

    Be closer to your customers, and receive a feedback through Twitter. You want to know what users say about your products? The attitude of prospect customers? Just tell us you want a twitter app – we’ll do the rest.

  • linkedin

    LinkedIn app developments

    You definitely need an access to the network of professional contacts. Eastern Peak is here to make the LinkedIn API work for you and customize its functionality for your business needs.

Looking for a kickass idea for your next social media app? Learn how the global brands do it

Community map

Samsung mobile created a social media app to represent a map of their almost 100 (!) Facebook regional pages.

Сooking recipes

Oreo has an awesome app with recipes, where each recipe contains Oreo as a main ingredient. Looks like these guys have some issues with localization, we would never allow that :)

Marketing campaigns

RedBull created Facebook app to support their Athletes marketing campaign. This is what we call ‘consistency in the marketing’.

User engagement

MTV page constantly runs apps for selfies dedicated to the season events (SummerSelfie, #July4thSelfie, etc.) to increase the user engagement.

Job list

Well, McDonald’s is doing that perfectly with their Open Jobs app. Find connected friends, use sophisticated filters, subscribe to the fresh jobs e-mails – this is called social recruiting.

Customer service

Vicoria’s Secret provides a quick online help to their users right on their Facebook page.

What we pawn our lives for are the quality and trouble-free performance of the apps we create. They are tested on multiple browsers and platforms by several professional QA’s, giving you a tried and true social media app with a proven user acceptance.

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