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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Mobile Website Development services

Mobile Website Development

Mobile-friendly websites are not the innovation they used to be. Now they are a necessity. The revolution of mobile devices and their worldwide popularity prescribe the rules of mobile website software development. Mobile websites should perform similarly on myriads of phones, tablets and PC’s all over the world. They are called “responsive” if they respond to the screen size of the device, platform, orientation and user’s behavior.

What differs our mobile web products from others?

  • They are flexible

    Our mobile websites are fluid. This means that their content, both the grids and images, freely adapts to the screen resolution of the device. You won’t face any problems with our mobile version of website in the future.

  • They are cross-browser

    Our products work perfectly with any browser and platform. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, iOS, Windows Phone, Android – you won’t see any difference.

  • Google loves them

    Google says that responsive website design is the best industry practice, and marketers bite on that. Why? Because Google has a user-focused approach, and better rates user-friendly websites. If the users love your website, so does Google.

  • Users love them

    The content consumption should be seamless, providing the best user experience. No matter what the device is: a tablet, a smartphone, a desktop PC or a smart-TV. Scrolling? Resizing? Low performance? Forget about it. We design for people.

Some of our projects

Some tips for responsive UI design

Relative units

The canvas of your website can be a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, so the density of the pixels will vary. You will avoid scrolling in this way.

Max and Min values

If content takes the whole width of the smartphone screen it doesn’t mean that it would look the same on the wide PC monitor. Test it and make some constraints.


These are the things that change the layout at predefined points. For example, if on a desktop you see 3 columns, there will be only one on a smartphone. Just like breaks in text, they should be used attentively, not to mess the overall appearance of the app.

Webfonts or System fonts?

Would you like a Futura or Didot fonts on your website? Webfonts are for you! But remember, the more you have, the slower page loads. In their turn, system fonts are faster, but if the user doesn’t have them, he will see default ones.

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