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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Web development

Great technology should feel simple.

web development company

Our web development agency will transform your innovative ideas into a successful product that will drive your business. Our highly coordinated team of web developers, consultants and project managers is ready to deliver complex enterprise solutions as well as a brand new website for your company.

At Eastern Peak web development company, we keep a wary eye on the every stage of the web development process that includes research, prototyping, development, QA testing and following support. Our custom web development solutions could be easily adapted to multiple platforms and devices.

Most popular technologies

Front-end: HTML5 and CSS3, Advanced JS frameworks, Cloud technologies

Back-end: RoR, PHP, Python, .NET, Java, Perl

Web development services

Some of our projects

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Virtual health assistant, a comprehensive healthcare platform. Allayo provides a virtual health assistant, that helps customers to create their reminders and arrange for the health care needs for their whole family.

5 months
Medicine & Healthcare
image description


A web platform that allows WesternUnion to observe the results of its competitors on daily basis.

  • Built with Python
  • Mechanize library
  • MySQL for DB
  • Ruby on Rails (for site’s backend part)
  • Backbone.js and jQuery libraries.
  • An automatic web scraper to get exchange rate and fees for different bands.
  • An engine to analyze, extract and normalize the data and store it in a DB.
  • Customizable reporting system with comprehensive charts and graphs generated on request
  • Interactive tools for data customer data analysys.
3 months
Business & finance
image description


An innovative car wash solution for business and residential car holders.

  • Web and mobile systems, offering an extensive backoffice system as well as dedicated apps for customers and cleaning professionals.
  • Comprehensive dashboard for corporate customers and intuitive interfaces for private consumers.
  • Full business cycle implemented, from single click ordering with in-app payments to business-side analytics and reporting.
  • Built on Yii-2 framework
  • MySQL DB
  • jQuery libraries
  • Twitter bootstrap
  • REST API for mobile apps
8 months, ongoing
Crowd Economy

Why choose our web development company?

REQUEST A QUOTE We will contact you within one business day.
  • We take into account your progress and implement a highly-scalable architecture that could be easily modified according to your future needs.
  • With our web development services you not only get “just another website” or “one more web app”. We promise you a product that will become your competitive advantage on the market. You’ll sleep better.
  • Over 35 skilled web developers and consultants at your fingertips. Put together your winning squad and conquer the market!

How we can cooperate

We can help you to choose cooperation model depending on your web development project size and your business needs. Request a quote to get a free consultation.

  • Dedicated R&D team

    Set up your offshore team and get an instant access to rich pool of high-skilled software developers, web designers and QA who are dedicated only to your project.

  • Time and Materials

    Pay only for time spent on development. This model is used for projects where required efforts are hard to be estimated and enables you to add new features at any phase of the project.

  • Fixed cost

    Fix the price and pay in accordance with an agreement. This model is suitable when you have clear software development requirements and specs, and are not going to change it during the project.

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