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Full-cycle iOS, Android and Windows Phone app development

Native apps are called so because they are developed for specific platforms, such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone. In native app development, applications follow different specific guidelines for each of the platforms and can easily access all the features and services offered by the device and its operating system, such as local DB, geolocation, push notifications or camera.

Why should you focus your efforts on developing a native app? Because they provide an unparalleled user experience among all mobile apps and show outstanding performance. We can provide you with native mobile application development to meet your specific business needs.

Native app development services

We can help you build your product for the platforms of your choice that will reach your target audience and boost revenues.

  • iOS app


    iOS is an operating system for one of the world’s most popular mobile devices – iPhone. It is famous due to its strong brand, high performance, intuitive UI and improved security.

    Our team of iOS developers will provide you with high quality iOS native app development: we will implement “best-in-class” iOS features such as beacon technology, 3D Touch, multitasking and others for your iOS native app and skyrocket it directly to the App Store. Take advantage of the latest iOS versions and stand out with your innovative product!

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  • Android app


    Android is an open source worldwide popular operating system that offers enough options to develop robust and flexible applications. Do you want to have a highly customized application that will outshine hundreds of identical and faceless ones on Google Play? Our Android app developers will help you unleash the full potential of your app with the platform’s unique features and beat the competition with Android native app development.

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Great performance

The performance of native apps is much faster and more responsive as they directly interact with native APIs and components and have full support for multithreading and hardware accelerations.

Better security

While web apps rely on different browsers and underlying technologies, safety and security of native apps are guaranteed by the approval of an app store they were released on.

User experience

Designing a native app you can be sure that UI elements will have the usual “look and feel” and will be located in accordance with the guidelines for the specific platform in order to make navigation smoother for users.

Fast new features integration

New software and hardware features provided by the device manufacturers and operating systems are available for implementation in native apps immediately after the release and easily integrated.

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