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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Hire Android Developers

Here at Eastern Peak Software we have extensive experience in Android app development. We deliver custom Android applications of any complexity and scale: educational platforms, apps for business, Uber-like apps, puzzle games, car controlling tools and others.

Advantages of developing app for Android

  • The widest audience

    It is the most popular app platform in the world with the widest audience, holding roughly 80% of the global market share for smartphones, totaling about 1.4 billion users.

  • Great marketing opportunities

    Google provides tips on how to make your marketing plan and offers promotional tools.

  • Java

    Apps written on Java can be easily transferred to Blackberry or Symbian.

  • Variety of app stores

    Android allows to download apps from alternative stores. This gives its users a wider range of choices and offers new ways for marketing and improving the discoverability of apps created by developers.

  • Short approval period

    Because there is a shorter approval period with Google Play you are able to get your app on the market faster, even within one business day.

Android app development process


We start the app development process by creating a user experience. To be sure that your app will be in great demand on the market, we carefully create user personas to ensure the highest quality UX. We go through it with a fine tooth comb in order to project the most detailed scenarios that explain how your potential user will behave when interacting with the app’s interface. In this way we are able to satisfy all of the possible user’s needs and in the most effective way.

Graphical design

  • Tailored to your audience. The next stage is design. We take into consideration the specifics of your target audience and persona’s behavior. Our designers represent the most user-attractive color solutions based on the coloristics and associative thinking.
  • Native experience. Also, creating the design for an Android app has its peculiarities. Every platform has its own standard UI patterns. We stick to the patterns of visual elements like menus, headers and lists that are familiar to Android users while representing them in a unique style designed exclusively for your application.
  • Looks perfect on all devices. Because of the wide variety of Android devices we develop apps that will work perfectly on devices with different dimensions and screen resolutions

Android development

Our experienced development team then implements all of the designed features into the code and compounds it with the visual appearance of the app,the user interface.

  • Front-end development. An app’s interface, which includes all the visual details like buttons, menus, background images etc.
  • Back-end development. The technical functionality of your app. With an experienced inhouse team of backend developers, we are able to provide you with not only an app itself but also a comprehensive backend system that will empower your business.


Before your app can be released on the market, there is one more step, the testing stage. Our experts carefully look for the smallest bugs that snuck into the code. We test the usability of the app on all the most popular Android devices. After the testing stage, you can be sure that your product is error-free and provides a great user experience.

Release to Google Play

So, your app is ready to be launched on the market. We release it on Google Play and deliver all the necessary marketing services to ensure that your app quickly receives thousands of initial downloads.

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