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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Mobile App

Mobile apps are skyrocketing. That’s the reality business holders and custom software developers have to face. The mobile application market is under the tsunami of products designed for any purpose. Sounds great if you are a user, and awful if you are an entrepreneur starting a business. How to survive and succeed? Differentiate your product. Innovate. And make an outstanding design, to engage and satisfy even the pickiest users.

Good news for you: Eastern Peak mobile app designers will create a winning design to kickstart your business. All you have to do is to call us.

How we design great apps

  1. Concept development
  2. User research
  3. User engagement models

First we analyze your business goals, target audience and what purposes your product would serve. The ticket to success consists of two key points: an understanding of your end users and knowledge of the marketplace. Eastern Peak market experts analyze your customers, their needs and the ways to reach them.

We determine the specification and the scope of features to implement along with technical requirements. It means that we calculate resources and efforts necessary to develop the project, implement all planned features, as well as evaluate and test them. The hardest part about estimating is to foresee the dynamic aspects of the project and avoid possible budget and schedule “collisions” they may cause.

In this phase we plan time resources, the budget of the project and manpower to implement the project according to the requirements. This stage includes strategic and tactical planning, and tools to manage and control changes in the key factors of the project’s scope, budget, resources and schedule. You will be provided with the most convenient means to monitor the development process.


  • Wireframing of screen features
  • Storyboarding
  • Design specification development

Mobile UI Design

  • UI flow optimization
  • User experience strategy
  • Interface branding

Visual Design

  • Style guide creation
  • Screen layouts design

Mobile Usability: tips for creating a compelling UI

1. Rule of the thumb

What do users do with their thumbs? Yes, they interact with your app. Unless they need other fingers for some gestures, it is always thumbs, even in the case of a two handed grip. Keep it in mind.

2. Don’t use crazy color schemes

Use simple, easy to perceive color schemes in your Android app design or iOS app design. Flamboyant colors are good to attract attention, but not to constantly flash before user’s eyes.

3. Blur is your friend

When designing for mobile, blur helps to improve the user experience. Use it to make it clear which elements of the app are active now.

4. Swipe it out

This gesture really speeds up navigation through your app and could easily trigger some actions. Simple, fast, convenient. Doubtless must-have.

5. Forget endless onboardings.

Don’t bother users with hundreds of questions, minimize the number of fields to fill out. Don’t make a quiz out of the user experience.

6. Touch points: size does matter

It is a very bad practice to make buttons or fields tiny. The human finger is not a stylus to tap precisely on a pixel – leave some place.

7. Raving push notifications

Don’t attack users with countless push-notifications. They can serve you, but don’t cross the line – use them wisely.

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