How ready are you for a "new normal"?

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How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

How ready are you for a "new normal"?

Our clients

Happy customers are the bottom line

What our clients say

“Their team included a project lead and 4 developers and QA specialists. Their project manager has ‘lived and breathed’ this engagement. Eastern Peak are very responsive and knowledgeable. We were happy with the team’s commitment to deliver quality results.”



“Eastern Peak delivered versions of the app that fit the requirements of each development phase. The result of Eastern Peak’s work is a high-end app, with up-to-date graphic design and a good user interface. Everything works smoothly and it looks well-built and professional.”

— CEO, FixitJoe

“Eastern Peak is very flexible. They were like a partner in terms of thinking and creating new concepts, new features, and new ideas.”

— Ran Rachlin, CEO, Global Testing Platform

“Mainly, it is Eastern Peak’s flexible approach, their ability to meet deadlines. They will deploy a correct solution to reach your goals. It feels like you can beat the deadlines with them, and that is very valuable.”

— Michael Magkov, CEO, Education Test Prep Company

“The great thing is that Eastern Peak allows you to interview all the developers who they’re onboarding. I think if the customer does their due diligence, they’re getting an incredible deal and incredible work.”

— Dmitry Strakovsky, CEO, MakeTime Inc.

“The best part for me was that I was able to get the guys for the things that I needed, and I was able to make them part of my organization, which is rare in the outsourcing world.”

— CEO, Online Marketing Company

“We didn’t have a typical outsourcing structure, by which I would give tasks to Eastern Peak and they’d work on them. The developer was a part of our team, just like any other member.”

— Golan Derazon, CTO at GreenIQ

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