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What is user interface

User interface or UI is the means of interaction with a software (or hardware device) whether it is a website or mobile application. You might have heard about “user-friendly interface” which refers to UI design that makes the use of the product natural and intuitive.

The majority of software products have a graphical user interface (GUI). It includes interface elements such as input controls, as well as navigational and informational components. The approaches for developing a mobile or web interface can vary, but there are common key points that should be taken into account.

Best Practices for Designing User Interface

The primary goal of UI is to define your target audience, their goals, preferences and issues. Once you have done that, make sure that you have taken into account the following:

  • Keep it simple. The best interface is a seamless one.
  • Use common UI elements. This will help users to reach their goals quickly and create a consistent experience across each part of your product.
  • Think about page layout. Consider placing the visual items in order to draw attention to the most important parts, to ease the scanning.
  • Color and texture are great instruments. Our eyes still lead our perception; use color, light and textures.
  • Prioritize the information with fonts. They are your aid in making the content readable and convenient to scan.

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