/ 7th February, 2023

Tech stack

What is a tech stack?

A technology stack is a complex of different tools, databases, libraries, and other technologies used to create a software product. Product development teams can choose different software technology stacks for different projects, as these tools have a direct impact on the results: the scope of work, the purpose of the product, its scalability, customization, etc.

Tech stack components

A technology stack for software development allows developers to build a perfect product based on the specific requirements of their clients. They combine different technologies to make them work best for the project they are working on.

The main components of a tech stack may include:

Benefits of using a tech stack

A software development technology stack allows both established companies and startups to effectively work on a project, following the vision of the final product and meeting business requirements. A technology stack for the project influences not only the result but the whole process, from the staff you assemble to the cost and efficiency of the work.

So, what does tech stack mean for a business that wants to launch its own product?

Top tech stacks in software development

Here are the top tech stacks so far:

How to choose a tech stack

The selection of tech stack components depends on the staff, product requirements, the company’s budget, corporate culture, integration with existing systems, and many other things.

Here are some of the decisive aspects you might want to consider when choosing a technology stack for your project:

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