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What is a responsive website?

Responsive design is a modern approach emerged from the rise of mobile devices all over the world. Responsive website in a nutshell is a web page that detects the screen size and orientation of a visitor’s device and changes the layout of the page accordingly.

Responsive website uses percentages for images instead of fixed length-width parameters. Using x and y coordinates along with mathematical percentages on a grid helps to create fluid layout able to resize itself for any display size.

Why responsive website is a must have?

Instead of writing new code for a separate mobile version of a website, multiple style sheets can be built, with images associated with each sheet. Thus you avoid rewriting HMTL code, all that is needed is to repurpose it.

Advantages of responsive website design

  • Improved SEO Google ranks responsive websites higher.
  • Save money on mobile development You just maintain one website which is easier for making changes and creating new pages.
  • Forget about duplicate content Leave far behind all those Google penalties for smartphone/tablet/desktop versions of your website with duplicate content.
  • Improved Offline browsing experience HTML5 enabled in most smartphones and tablets provides offline browsing capabilities.

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