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What is a Landing Page?

The common meaning of “landing page” is that it’s a single web page designed for a particular purpose. The landing page usually isn’t a part of your main site, and is designed to make users perform a specific action. The landing page design limits the options available to users, so they won’t perform undesirable actions, and are therefore able to focus on the goal you have prepared for them.

There are two types of Landing Pages click through landing pages and lead generation landing pages.

Click Through Landing Pages

Their main goal is to get visitors click to the page you want. They act as a preliminary means of “warming up” potential customers when they enter the ecommerce funnel, and pushes them closer to purchase your product or service. A ‘click through’ landing page increases conversion rates, because it informs the customer about a product or service and helps them to make a well-thought-out decision.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

The main goal of Lead generation landing pages is to create leads or prospects by capturing their contact information, in order to market to them later. A ‘lead generation’ landing page offers page visitors something valuable for giving their email or phone number through a contact form.

Landing page best practices

Here are the proven and efficient ways to persuade the visitors of your landing page to give you their contacts:

  • Useful whitepaper with some tips
  • Discount for your services
  • Free professional consultation
  • Free trial
  • Registration for a webinar
  • Notifications about future updates of your product

Landing Page Optimization

The following principles should be considered when optimizing a landing page:

  • One page for one type of user
  • Don’t give them ability to navigate freely – keep them on a predefined track
  • Enable sharing on viral pages
  • Use professional landing page templates
  • Don’t forget about SEO

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