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What is a hybrid app?

Hybrid apps combine both web applications created for web browser and native applications that are designed for a particular platform and have to be installed on a device.

What differs hybrid apps from web apps:

  • It runs as a real app, not as a web page;
  • It can work offline;
  • Integration with a file system of a device.

Hybrid mobile apps are usually developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then wrapped in a native apps with the help of special platforms. The disadvantage of hybrid apps is that their speed depends on the speed of the browser; thus hybrid mobile apps are usually slower than native apps.

How to build a hybrid app:

There are two ways of building hybrid mobile apps:

WebView app

The code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) runs in an embedded browser (WebView) that is wrapped in a native app.

Compiled hybrid app

The code is written in C# or JavaScript and then is compiled for each platform supported by the app.

Why is hybrid app development so attractive?

It is simple: you can build two-in-one – both iOS and Android apps without having to write separate code for each twice. As a result you have two apps for the same amount of time. Profit!

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