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What is a framework?

A software framework is a software environment that includes predefined elements such as classes and functions and helps in developing custom software. Framework speeds up the development process by providing a basis for building applications for the particular platform and frees programmers from “reinventing the wheel.”

What all frameworks do:

  • Ease the work with complex structures
  • Tie together discrete elements into a convenient form
  • Help to write standardized and consistent code with fewer bugs
  • Simplify the debugging of code by another programmer

There are various frameworks for each programming language. These are the most popular ones:

PHP Frameworks

  • Laravel – Powerful, elegant, and friendly to newbie developers.
  • CodeIgniter – Simple and fine, “fully baked” tools for developers. Unfortunately, no longer available.
  • Symfony Feature-rich full-stack framework with a very steep learning curve.
  • Zend One of the most popular, but disputable, frameworks with armies of lovers and haters.
  • CakePHP A robust framework with all the necessary built-in features.
  • Yii A top-notch framework called after its simplicity and functionality.
  • Phalcon Rapid framework written in C, with a somewhat difficult library code.

Python frameworks

  • Django Top Python framework, swift and full-featured.
  • TurboGears Microframework available for scaling into a full-stack solution

Ruby frameworks

  • Ruby-on-Rails A breakthrough open-source framework
  • Ramaze Simple and minimalistic Ruby Framework

JavaScript frameworks

  • Prototype JavaScript framework that can be used as a stand alone or as a basis for other frameworks.
  • Mootools Compact object-oriented framework with AJAX handling. Recommended for experienced users only.
  • jQuery Well-balanced and functional framework that is becoming more and more popular.

Java frameworks

  • Spring Full MVC framework but with some unnecessary complexity.
  • Dropwizard Lightweight framework that perfectly connects components with one another for rapid development.
  • Play Framework Framework that supports Play an object-oriented functional language Scala.

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