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What is CMS?

Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that has put to rest the HTML hand-coding of web pages. In simple words, this is a software that allows you to easily upload, edit and manage the content of a website without being a tech savvy person. With the CMS, it is possible to organize the text, pictures and videos on a web page in your desired format without any help from programmers.

The advantages of using a CMS

  • No knowledge of HTML is required to use a CMS
  • Content management is separated from the visual design. It is possible to change one independently of the other
  • It extremely eases the planning, scheduling and updating of the content
  • The visual appearance of a newly uploaded content automatically conforms to the design
  • It has several levels of permission that allows multiple users
  • With the help of a CMS, search engine optimization of the website becomes easy and intuitive

World’s top CMS comparison chart

WordPress Drupal Joomla Magento
Licensing costs free free free Community version
is free
Ease of use
SEO & Marketing capabilities
Best used for corporate, informational
websites, blogs
corporate, informational,
complex websites
e-commerce, social
networking websites

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