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To improve your company’s efficiency and visibility, it is necessary to carry out data analysis on the performance of your website, your users’ behavior and other important metrics. Web analytics helps to collect and arrange a huge amount of data on the behavior of your users in easy-to-understand reports. They will help you improve your website ranking, increase conversions and drive your sales.

Web Analytics

When talking about web analytics, we have to mention Google Analytics, which is ranked number one among all other analytic tools. It gives you detailed information about you traffic, its sources, goals and content. There are also similar tools like KissMetrics, Clicky, FoxMetrics etc.

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner is a perfect keyword tool that helps you to understand which keywords bring you customers and which turn them off. Keep in mind, that the use of keywords is also competitive, and this tool will let you to choose the precise ones for your target audience.

Website Speed Test

In addition to the data on user behavior and keyword performance, there are also important stats such as the performance of your web page, measured by the website speed test. Page Speed Test Tool from Google, analyze the load speed of the website and determine best practices that can be used to improve its performance, because each odd second your website loads may cost you a user.

To select the tools you need, first you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Why do I need an analytics tool?
  2. What kind of data am I interested in?
  3. How will this data help to increase my metrics?

Social Media Statistics

As well as for websites, the tools for analyzing social media statistics and social networks are an integral part of digital marketing. These tools measure such stats as the number of leads, engagement, reach, impressions, etc. Below are some of them:

  • Buffer. It monitors the engagement stats of each of your posts across popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Followerwonk. Tracks the activity of your followers on Twitter.
  • ViralWoot. A tool that not only tracks analytics on Pinterest, but also helps to schedule and promote your pins.

A/B Testing

These tools are used to save your investments in SEO and other optimizations. A/B testing is performed to check whether the customer journey leads to planned goals.

  • Crazy Egg. Shows you what users do on the page through heat maps.
  • Unbounce. Creates and tests templates of landing page.

Content Analysis

These tools help in improving the concept and quality of your content.

  • Buzzsumo: Finds the most popular content for various topics or competitors.
  • Copyscape: Checks for duplications and plagiarism.
  • Google Public Data – Provides you with the data pulled from many sources.

Tracking what your competitors do, which software they use and their traffic sources, can help you to fight off a competition.

  • Ghostery: This extension shows ad networks on a web page.
  • SimilarWeb: Allows you to download information on a website such as engagement, traffic sources, search traffic and referring sites, in a PDF format.
  • Ahrefs: performs the analysis of keywords, competition analysis, creates backlink reports, and domain overviews.
  • Open Site Explorer: Shows you a pack of metrics from inbound links and their page authority to a website’s top pages.

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