The future is coming faster than you think.

Learn how new and emerging technologies can get you ahead of the competition in 2020

The future is coming faster than you think.

The future is coming faster than you think.

The future is coming faster than you think.

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How Technology is Transforming the Food Industry


When you think about food, technology is hardly the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, the world population is growing, demand is rising, and technology in the food industry is evolving rapidly. According to a recent ING report, tech innovations allow for the production of more food and in a shorter period of time, ...

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6 Ways How Technology Empowers the Hospitality Industry


As new technologies evolve, so do customer requirements. A hotel room with WiFi is no longer a novelty – broadband internet is a must these days, just like TV. Today, customers want to make convenient bookings, control air-conditioning and heating, communicate with the hotel staff through popular messengers, order room service and pick dishes from ...

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Extending the Impact of Data Across an Organization


The concept of using data to make better management decisions is not entirely new. Before big data became a buzzword, business leaders had recognized the value of business intelligence and statistics. The term ‘big data’ currently refers to large data sets characterized by high volume, velocity and variety, as modern apps and big data technologies ...

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The Future of the Digital Workforce in Manufacturing


Apart from radically disrupting the core manufacturing processes, the 4th Industrial Revolution has brought forward many speculations and concerns about the future of work. Clearly, AI, robotic process automation, big data analytics, industrial IoT and the use of a digital workforce in manufacturing are set to impact the job market in a big way. Despite doomsday ...

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7 Ways Augmented Reality Transforms Manufacturing


While VR is changing the entertainment industry, AR is helping in the transformation of business processes. Manufacturing is one of those spheres where AR provides valuable input: Product development and quality assurance, equipment maintenance and work training – you can handle all of it with ease. The number of manufacturers interested in AR equipment is ...

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