How a Mobile App Can Increase Your Sales

A few years ago entrepreneurs used tons of advertisements, flyers, brochures and catalogs to increase their sales. Nowadays you do not need any of those. With the proliferation of smartphones around the world, one mobile application has become equivalent to a newspaper, brochure, catalogue, cash register and even a sales person. We don’t have to stop there because the list can go on and on.

So, how do you increase sales with the help of a mobile app?

Ways mobile apps increase sales

1. Selling faster

The greatest ideas are usually the simplest ones. Find what you need – one click. Don’t know what to choose? Another click allows you to get help and advice quickly. Then just click to make an order and pay. What can be more convenient for your customer? Three clicks, your product is sold and your customer is happy.

Is it real? Take a look at this screenshot of the Bonshine app that we developed.

Simple order screen to increase text

The user-friendly design makes the ordering procedure transparent and effortless.

“The company has reached thousands of cleanings a month. We have dozens of business customers and thousands of private customers.”

– David Geltman, CEO of Bonshine

Better service:

Your customers will have the privilege of ordering, purchasing or making reservations whenever they like and at any given time, from any spot on the planet. If the purchase can even be delivered right to their home address, there is nothing more convenient than that. The option to pay via the app simplifies the process even more.

Our life moves at a fast pace, your potential customers always seek for a way to save time, so seize this opportunity!

2. Keeping your clients informed

It is always better for people to see all the relevant information about the goods and services you provide. Use your application to inform your clientsabout updates, special offers, new products on sale, etc.

mobile sales apps

3. Improving loyalty

Regular customers can receive bonus points, special discounts or simply receive nice encouraging messages which make them feel special and turn to your services more and more.

A nice idea is to use GPS and offer GPS-based coupons and information about events that you are hosting in your area.

4. Maintaining trust

If clients are well-acquainted with your company, they are more likely to order your product.

For example, in our application for household and business repair services called Fixit Joe, the client can hire a specialists to do some repair work and also view rates from previous customers. Moreover, it is even possible to track the worker’s location to see how far they are away from your location. As you see, the whole system is convenient and user friendly.

improve efficiency with an app

5. Using a mobile app as a powerful marketing tool

As a marketing tool, your app can become invaluable.

Firstly, it promotes your business, represents who you are, sends push notifications, and keeps your customers in the loop. To Illustrate other market values, it allows you to compare shopping habits, prices, etc. with your competitors. Not only will your clients know that they are making the right choice but they will also understand why.

Secondly, mobile sales apps can help you perform marketing research. Following the clients’ search history will help you find out what they need and how they think. You can easily create a special offer based on the client’s behavior and previous purchases. Predict their needs in real-time!

Finally, news can be spread quickly and efficiently. Clients can further promote your business by sharing the app on various social networks.

As you can see, developing a mobile app for your business is a small investment, which can pay off immensely. It is a powerful promotional channel, client base, catalogue, online-shop, consulting service and a key to open new horizons and approach a higher level of competition.

Improving sales efficiency here goes without saying. Why decide to continue handing out brochures and posting flyers around town when you can have a lot more! We have great solutions that can improve your sales with a mobile app. Contact us to find out more!

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