How to Develop Smartwatch Apps for Business

It is definitely an era of new beginnings with the introduction of laptops to smartphones and now — smartwatches. As technology seems to get more pocket-sized, you are now able to carry the online world on your wrist wherever you go. Smartwatches and the smart market enables you to stay connected at all times with capabilities to customize notifications. Its technology is here to cater directly to your business needs.

According to Forbes, CCS Insight expects the wearable devices market to reach $14 billion by the end of this year. Business Insider’s research service also expects the wearables market to grow to at least 163 million units by the end of 2020. The watch industry is about to take flight.

What features to include when developing smartwatch apps?

For the most part, smartwatches must be highly convenient for the user. According to Business Insider, A smartwatch must have apps that function better on the wrist than they do on the phone.
The biggest advantage smartwatch apps has over apps on the mobile phone is that it can save time and be more efficient.

In order to do this, however, the smartwatch apps must have several special features. For example, text should be clear and simple to read on such small displays. There should also be reliable voice features in place to respond to voice commands and recordings. Customized notifications are the features that will pull your smartwatch together. After setting the notifications, users should be able to be alerted for things they find most important — saving them time and being able to respond quickly to each alert.

Here is a list of possible features to include for your business app:

  • Clearly showing the time
    Let’s not forget that it’s a wrist watch, after all.
  • Ability to read important documents on-the-go
    Users should be able to open text files and sift through documents with ease. If your app can master this then your users will fall in love with its convenience.
  • Easy and fast communication
    Being able to dial and receive phone calls, write messages, and integrate automated responses through the smartwatch. Phones will automatically take the backseat if your app can function quicker and is more responsive.
  • Secure and sound notifications
    Users should have the choice to choose how they want to receive business and personal communication via calls, messages, and emails. You may need that extra buzz and ring to remind you of that event or meeting. Sometimes people need a break and sometimes people need to be hyperconnected. Having an app that understands this will be appreciated.
  • Creating new tasks on-the-go
    Most people come up with ideas on the spot or while they are busy doing other things. Having an app that can help users create to-do lists from their watch can really make a difference in a busy lifestyle. Being able to prioritize tasks and collaborate on projects with others through your app can also be a major convenience for being in and out of the workplace.
  • Secure messaging
    Your users should have the comfort of being able to send or store encrypted files.
  • Integrating with smartphone apps
    Allowing your app to collaborate with other apps will unlock a lot of doors and functions. Users will be able to access a lot more information and have more control through your app and the smartwatch.

Additional features can be useful for busy workers:

Along with these features above, there are some apps that may go a very long way in terms of business.

  • Payment system
    With an app that allows you to pay through your watch, there is no need to deal with the hassle of going through all your credit cards. Simply tap the app and your payment is made.
  • Ordering food
    We all need food. However, not all people have the time to go out and get or make it. Sometimes the food needs to come to them. Having an app that offers online food delivery 24 hours a day is definitely something to incorporate into your app.

How to integrate your smartwatch with business?

Taking care of business can have its dreadful moments of disorganization. However, with the right business apps and services on your side to help you, you can manage to get things done with ease. For example, let’s take a look at some popular existing smartwatch apps for business:



This app allows you to create and manage all your to-do’s either alone or collaboratively with a team. You are able to easily send tasks and lists from your web directly to your writs.


A hyper-productive 3-5 second interaction for smartwatches. This allows you to quickly dictate your ideas and use a voice search to sift through all your notes from your wrist.

iMeet Agenday

This app combines all your various personal and professional calendars into a single interface. It will notify you and provide additional information about upcoming meetings, weather forecasts, and driving instructions from your watch.




This app is for marketing professionals which provides access to insights and dashboards. With its notifications, you can stay on top of your business priorities.

Wrapping up

Smartwatch apps have the potential to truly be a personal assistant in people’s daily lives. There are always going to be things to manage and organize. With an app that can cater to business workers’ needs can drastically save time and add a level of convenience which just hasn’t existed until now.

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