Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile Application Development over In-House Development

The article was updated on March 26, 2020.

Today outsourcing has become commonplace all around the world among companies from different industries and has proved to be an effective way to launch or expand a business. The advantages of outsourcing are varied. By outsourcing mobile app development, companies can shorten their time to market, decrease project costs, and improve the quality of a product, to name a few.

Nevertheless, some organizations are still hesitant of the importance of outsourcing giving priority to hiring an in-house team and in its turn missing substantial benefits. But sometimes such a decision could cost companies a business when market conditions force to react and act quickly (like with the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak when offline businesses had no other way than to go online or leave the market forever).

In this article we will outline the most significant outsourcing benefits and how it can be effectively used by both giants of the tech world and tiny startups trying to win their niche and customer loyalty.

Benefits of outsourcing mobile application development

Quick start of a project. If fast time to market is one of your priorities, with outsourcing app development you can start your project very quickly. It especially works best in the conditions of nationwide strict quarantine, when remote work is obligatory for everyone. In such case the best option is to set up a team of remote developers who work for a software company, not freelancers, since it is quite risky and taking risks is not a good time when your business is operating on the edge.

Cost reduction. It is one of the main advantages of outsourcing over in house development. An offshore outsourcing company helps businesses reduce development costs, which in turn frees up resources that can be used for new development opportunities.

Outsourcing saves time. The market typically requires a fast turnaround for the process of mobile application development. When outsourcing such a project, you do not waste time and money on hiring, training and retaining employees.

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Best engineering talent. When you team up with employees from other countries, you are getting access to the best engineering talents from all over the world, as opposed to simply hiring people that are available within a radius of 30 km from the location of the company. This factor becomes especially crucial when you have not just a company, but a startup: where every new employee is an important decision that will almost certainly affect the outcome of your business.

You hire an experienced, well-coordinated and dedicated team. Well-established outsourcing companies offer fully staffed and dedicated teams of developers where team members have known each other for a long time and worked together on many projects. You can be sure that these employees are professionals and have a lot of experience to meet the requirements of your project and introduce best solutions.

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High communication standards. You get a team that follows the highest communication standards to ensure full transparency throughout the process, just as if you were working with an in-house team. Needless to say, they adapt to your local hours.

Close supervision. Your personal manager will keep you in the loop with regular meetings, demo sessions, and constant communication. As a result, you will always know exactly what your team is working on as well as monitor the progress status of the tasks and their expected completion date.

End-to-end services and support. On-demand access to a pool of  developers, DepOps, QA, designers & architects. You can easily and accordingly adjust your team size or skill set(s) to the project requirements throughout the evolution of your project.

Risk reduction. After signing a contract, all project risks are transferred to the outsourcing company. Typically, an outsourcing company guarantees delivery on time and on budget. Also, all your sensitive data regarding the project is protected due to signing a non-disclosure agreement, so that you can be sure there is no risk of a “project theft” or any confidential information leakage.

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Offshore outsourcing has proven to be an effective means of cost reduction, fast time to market and high quality service. Choosing a reputable mobile application development company as your outsourcing partner will lead to mutual benefits and enhanced competitiveness in the ever-changing mobile application development market.

Check these video case studies of our clients where they share their success stories of gradually moving from the in-house to outsourced development.


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